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Zillow/Trulia clone

What is the Zillow and Trulia clone?

It is an open-source realty app script that helps entrepreneurs launch a unified real estate app with technology at their disposal. Maneuvering through the yellow pages & newspapers for real estate information can be annoying. With people spending a lot of time on smartphones & tablets, it becomes mandatory for real estate companies to have a dedicated mobile app. However, at this point, not many are doing it. So, leveraging a platform like the Zillow and Trulia clone ensures the companies enjoy a competitive advantage.

With an app like Zillow or Trulia, real estate companies can help the users (customers) discover different properties for owning or renting with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Zillow and Trulia clone

Features of Zillow and Trulia clone

Social login

A social media account is all it takes to register with the platform and set up the profile within a few seconds.


Unlimited users & listing

Our readymade Trulia clone is capable of dealing with an endless number of users and listings. However, if you prefer, you can have a limit!


Multi-device compatibility

Zillow clone is capable of working on all smartphones, including the iOS and Android ones. Along with it, it works on tablet PCs as well!

Search Filters

It allows the users to narrow down a large set of property results through a series of filters like price range, home type, and more.

Mortgage lenders

It helps the users find a nearby mortgage lender when they run short on money to buy a property. Get quick home loans and take a big step forward in purchasing a new property.

Take a tour

Trulia clone connects the users with a local agent who can give them a personalized tour of the home via video call or in-person.

Secure payments

Allows the users to process payments for the agents and the properties they wish to buy. Zillow clone ensures safe and secure payments with a robust payment gateway in place.

Rental Listings

Enables the property owners to list their house or townhome, or apartment for rent in just a few minutes. Zillow clone also helps re-publish them in a few taps!

In-app Navigation

It comes with a built-in map navigation system that provides users efficient routes to reach the properties quickly.

View Demo for Zillow and Trulia clone

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!


Zillow and Trulia clone

24/7 Tech support

We extend around-the-clock support for our clients when needed to modify the Trulia clone as per their requirements. Our technical team works in rotating shifts to assist the clients at any time.

Why Zillow and Trulia clone from us?

Incorporating a Zillow and Trulia clone  in the existing business can offer direct communication between the users (buyers) and the sellers. Apart from that, it will be a cost-effective platform for Techpreneurs to start their app-based real estate businesses in their region.

However, what makes our real estate app development solutions unique?


Leveraging the clone app script costs less than developing a real estate app from scratch. With this money-saving strategy, you can launch your app within a few weeks and can incorporate the existing customers.


Our Trulia-like app has the ability to scale up its performances when needed the most. For real estate companies & entrepreneurs, managing unlimited users will be hassle-free with the app.

Monetization strategies – Trulia Clone (Zillow and Trulia clone)

A commercialized product like Trulia normally has three monetization mechanisms built into it. Here are they:


Earn commissions for every successful property selling through the Trulia-like app. However, it’s up to you and the seller to either charging a fixed fee or getting a percentage of the property pricing.

Our Trulia-like app keeps track of commissions earned by both the app owner and the property owner (seller).

Listing fee

Also known as the “upfront fee”, a listing fee is the one the app owner can charge a property owner or a (new) real estate agent to feature their property listings on the application.

Moreover, to enhance the visibility of those listings, the app owner can charge promotional fees as well!

Ad space

Selling text or banner Ad spaces embedded in the real estate app development is a working way to make money. Charging an ad fee varies on factors like clicks, impressions, etc.

Deploying the Ad spaces allows the app owner to give his/her app away for free and still generate revenue from it.

Business Models

A business model is an outline of how a company or an entrepreneur plans to make money with its product or services.

Here are some familiar business models that real estate app development has to offer:

Quick Launch Project System

Demand Aggregation

Amidst the “On-demand” world, every once in a while you might hear the phrase “demand aggregator”, which provides branding, technology, and marketing practices to the independent real estate agents with a mobile app.

Likewise, employing a Zillow-like app allows you to bring the sellers and the buyers together. By doing so, you can earn commissions based on a percentage of income.


Real Estate Company

Businesses that occupy long-term spaces in the industry are moving online either through a website/App or both. Likewise, with a Trulia-like app, the long-staying real estate companies can go online within a few weeks.

Apart from their traditional monetization strategies, they can also make money via listing fees, Ad spaces, etc.