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Whatsapp Clone

What is WhatsApp clone / Wechat clone?

WhatsApp sent short messaging to oblivion. It connected people from across continents instantly with real-time conversations. Imagine what an identical app like WhatsApp can do for your social circle or business?

Our WhatsApp clone is designed to help anyone build their own chat app with real-time chat facilities. From sending text messages to voice calling and even video calling, the WhatsApp clone script comes with a long list of features that makes instant messaging convenient.

Whatsapp Clone Script

Features Of WhatsApp Clone Script / Wechat Clone script

Instant Messaging

Users can and receive real-time messages across the Internet. Read receipts can also be configured for undelivered, delivered and read messages.

Voice messaging

For messages that need more than text messages to convey a message, voice messaging can be a better alternative. Users can record and send messages using their device microphone.

Video Calling

Users can engage in face-to-face video calling on a one-to-one basis or on a group basis. Call conferencing allows to add more people to the video call.

Location Sharing

Find each other easier with real-time location sharing. The location can be shared from Google Maps or can be integrated with any other 3rd party map integration.

Online Presence Indicators

Your users can show when they are available for a conversation or when they are busy or offline with online presence indicators like ‘Online’, ‘offline’, ‘busy’, etc..

Social Integrations

Integrate social media handles with instant messenger to make real-time communication more social and interactive.

Advanced search

Search for chats, files, media, location and much more within the app with advanced search functionality.

File Sharing

Share documents, media, audio files and much more with file sharing.

Admin Control

Right from adding a new member to removing users, the admin has total control over the app and its usage.

Omni-Device Compatibility

The WhatsApp clone script can be used to build native mobile apps for various devices including mobile, tablets, hybrid devices and desktops.

Secured Conversations

End-to-end encryption ensures that all data exchanged via the app remains safe and immune from cyber security threats.

Status Feed

Users can share their real-time status updates like in social media portals via images, text updates and videos with the help of the status option.

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Whatsapp Clone

What Make Our WhatsApp Clone Special / Wechat Clone?

Built for all

The app can be used by all kinds of users for one-on-one or small group sized personal chatting as well as enterprise messaging at large scale.

White label solution

The chat app can be customized with specific brand presets like color, logo, themes, etc. to make it truly personal and distinct from the original WhatsApp chat app.

100% Customizable

Customize the app anyway you want. Play with the theme colors, place your own logo, set customized invoices, etc. to give your app a personal touch of your own.