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Uber for X

What is Uber for X?

The Billion dollar on demand services like Gojek clone apps industry is climbing up a steady growth trajectory. Apart from the already dominating cab-hailing, food delivery, and last-mile services, there is still room for more on demand services like Gojek. No matter what your idea is, we are geared up to build your on demand services business as featureful as Gojek.

Our pre-built on demand / Gojek clone Services application will help you reach the market quickly with a customized web portal and mobile app. You can plan your business model as well as revenue sources to match the need of your business.

On-Demand Services

Features Of Uber For X Clone Script

Social Media Login

Big adieu to passwords. Log in swiftly with social media credentials of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can see a bird’s eye view of the app stats, ongoing service requests, scheduled services and much more.

Services Dashboard

Each individual service personnel can see periodical data of earnings, targets completed, delivered services history and so on.

Multiple Service Categories

Users can pick from various categories of services right from the front screen of the application.

Deals Corner

A dedicated section where users can view ongoing and upcoming deals applicable to them.

Native Mobile Apps

The uber for X services clone app is built on native platforms such as Android, iOS to have seamless user experience.

Ratings & Reviews

Built-in reviews and ratings system that allows customers to voice their opinion about the quality of services.

Flexible commission

Admin can configure flexible commission rates for service experts enlisted with the platform.

100% customizable

From color theme to technical functionality, you can customize every pixel of the application

View Demo

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!


Urbanclap Clone

What Make Our Uber X / Gojek Clone Special?

Superior features

Our on demand Gojek services clone application is capable of way more than one can imagine when it comes to loaded features and available customizing options.

Multiple income modes

Making your on demand services into a revenue model. Our Gojek clone application is 100% a successful business module to create a revenue through various modes including commissions, subscriptions.

100% Customizable

Our Gojek clone application is a customizable app any way you want. Play with the theme colors, place your own logo, set customized invoices, etc. to give your app a personal touch of your own.

Why Clapsy?

Clapsy is one of the most sorted out on-demand services applications around the mobile application market. Clapsy has been the most rated Uber for X application, Also making it the first multiple services application to get upgraded for the Gojek Clone. Clapsy is recommended by more than 50+ happy and satisfied customers around the world with almost 40+  successful business stories with just clapsy support.

Clapsy is known for its reliability and security across all platforms like Android, iOS and Web application being the highly compatible application available on the market.

GoAppX uses the PHP Laravel framework which is a highly volatile programming structure for both security and reliability. Both the Users and Service providers get the mobile application is available on both Android and iOS. As explained we are highly concerned about the security and reliability, we have built both the Android and iOS independently. Which are native applications to avoid any kind issues affecting both platforms.


More Deliveries

Uber For Doctor

Clapsy is one of the best and suitable applications to be used for the purpose of any kind of professional services. Similarly an uber for the doctor is one of the highly in-demand service applications. Where Clapsy is a perfect application to use it for doctor booking, an appointment for a visit, online payment, secured prescription sharing, etc.


Uber For Tow Truck

How many of us have got into the situation of the vehicle broke down and struggled to get a proper tow vehicle, As the context says Clapsy can be used for starting an online-based tow truck service. Making it one of the first-ever application that can be made possible to provide an on-demand emergency service using the mobile device.

Uber For Electrician

Its always a tough time searching for the perfect electrician for our household electricity fixes, There are a lot of service providers around but it is difficult to find their availability and area of work. But Clapsy comes in handy to get all these daily professional needs by an easy way of finding the electricians based on their category whether industrial or household while selecting them from the list of available electricians around.


Uber For Plumber

Clapsy is one of the best solutions for starting an on-demand service using mobile applications. Having one of the best features and functionalities to book a plumbing staff without any hassle. Both before and after the services are captured to have a clear record of service.

Uber For Car Wash

We know people always look forward to keeping their vehicle neat and clean. But unfortunately, we don’t have time to always do a car wash when is dirty. That’s where Clapsy can bring in a business module out of this need an on-demand car wash application that could bring the car wash facility at your doorstep. Clapsy is one of the best application to be used for providing the car wash service.


Uber For Massage

As we are explaining Clapsy is the best solution for all kinds of professional services. The massaging facility at our doorstep is currently one of the highly demanded services in the city now. Allowing to book safe and secured massage service from the certified professionals for both male and female clients. Highly secured payment and strict signing up processes make the Clapsy one of the best options for starting the on-demand massage service.

Uber For Shopper

There are many on-demand grocery delivery applications around the market, but there are some elderly or disabled persons who were looking for some person to do the shopping for them. That’s were the Uber for shopper comes handy, the concept of doing shopping for a disabled person and delivery to them. Clapsy is the best choice for adding an Uber for the shopper as an on-demand service.


Uber For Mechanic

There are already many on-demand mobile applications for providing the doorstep mechanical services but Clapsy is the one that is customized to be user-friendly by choosing the favorite mechanic or choosing the mechanic who is expertise in a specific brand of vehicles. Also giving ratings based on their previous services.

Uber For Security

Starting an on-demand security service no problem Clapsy is the best option for your business. Option to select security from different agencies, grades, gender and age groups. Clapsy allows users to give ratings for both the security and the agency they belong to.


Uber For Tutor

There are lots of students and even professionals are who are willing to start a tutoring service individually. But its highly difficult for the learners to search for the right tutoring staff for their subject. Whereas Clapsy makes it easy for both the teachers and students to connect without any hassle. Proving a list of teachers based on their location, specialized subject, record as teaching staff for the students to book a tutoring session with them.

Uber For Carpenter

New to a city or any suburban place its always difficult to find a good carpenter to do the furniture fixings. Earlier we have searched for our neighbors or any other known persons to give us some contact with the nearby carpenter to work on our newly shifted house or apartment. But ever since the mobile apps intervention now we have Clapsy an on-demand mobile application that could be used for booking a perfect and professional carpenter worker for all our household or business needs. Clapsy is one of the best application to be chosen to provide carpenter service at a locality.


Uber For Cleaning

Finding the right cleaning staff for our home, industry or business place is one tough job. The cleaning staff is needed to be both efficient and disciplined to be allowed inside the home or business place, but it is difficult for us to find one at newly moved placed. Clapsy can be used to provide an efficient and secure cleaning staff service.

Uber For Beautician

Clapsy is apt for starting any professional service providing purposes, giving beautician service at customer doorstep is one of the highly demanding services currently among the city women. Whereas the Clapsy is the best option for the beauty saloon entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand beautician service.


Uber For Babysitter

With the current economic situation, it has become a must for both the parents are required to go for a job to survive. Making it difficult to look for the children. Looking for a professional nanny or babysitter is the first choice they look for, Whereas parents won’t be so sure to allow some stranger to be with their beloved children. Clapsy allows parents to choose one of the secure and certified child care people as their babysitter. Clapsy is one of the most sorted out application to be used for providing babysitter service with its highly secure verification process before onboarding.

Uber For Laundry

Do you have the idea of providing a professional Laundry service in your region? No worries Clapsy makes it simple and easy for you to launch your own professional laundry service mobile application with all the major features to stay ahead in the market. Users can direct book and pay for their list of clothes and get it on time with a real-time tracking facility.


Uber For Tailoring

It is always hard to find the right tailoring professional for our style, that too for different occasions. Many users look for websites and local vendors to find the right dress stylist. Whereas you can use Clapsy a suitable application to provide the best and variety of tailoring professionals around the user location allowing them to book the available tailor based on their selected category.

Extensive Admin Panel Features

GoAppx always keen on keeping our clients always busy and updated on their business activity. In the mobile application development market, we have one of the most informative and highly responsive Admin panel dashboards. Clapsy is no exception to it embedded with all the necessary features and functionalities for multiple on-demand services. Both adding or removing the services can be done without any hassle. Clapsy is made sure to keep it 100% user-friendly in order to keep it as easy as possible for an entry-level tech entrepreneurs.

admin panel

Clapsy Admin panel controls both user and service provider details along with tracking their activities individually. Front end dashboard contains almost all the possible informational widgets to have a heads up overall business. From Total no. of users and providers, total services completed, ongoing and canceled, Total revenue or loss with a detailed breakdown from the total transactions. Detailed control on pricing and payment gateway management, highly secured payment settings for multiple currency and location.

Also comes with an attractive upgrade feature of multiple sub admin feature in order to split out the admin functionalities to avoid unnecessary burden or confusions over the system management. Admin panel is highly responsive and compatible with any browser or device from Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Business Models

Our Gojek Clone script is built to be market-ready for all business models

  • Daily Requests On demand services are the basic service requirements that customers look forward on their day to day activities.
  • Revenue Our Gojek clone application provides the optimum way to make revenue out these on demand services through commissions, subscriptions modules.
  • Doorstep Service All the services requests are provided at the doorstep solution as per the customer request.
  • Service Tracking Admin can track all the activities including services take ups and completions to have a record of service details.