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Uber for Tow Trucks

What is Uber for Tow Trucks?

It is a Uber-like app that lets you act as a technological bridge in connecting the “stranded” vehicle owners with the professional tow truck service providers. Car breaking down on a busy highway or midway through a street can be annoying. Knowing a nearby car mechanic can get people out of that situation. But what if there is no nearby car mechanic? Well, towing the car up and until the nearby car garage has to be the only way. When there is an app for everything, having an app like Uber for Tow Trucks becomes mandatory for those who travel (by car) frequently!

However, if you are an entrepreneur,  our readymade on-demand tow truck app helps you launch a roadside assistance business within a few weeks.

Uber for Tow trucks

Features of Our Uber for Tow Trucks

Social Login

We let the social media enthusiasts get access to our Uber for Tow Trucks app with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The process is designed to simplify sign-in and registration experiences.

Service Type

The users can choose the type of service according to their preference, let it be Tow to Garage or Tow to Home or Classic Car Tow.

Book Now

As the majority of stranded travelers prefer immediate roadside assistance services, our app solution comes with the “Book now” option to hire a nearby tow truck vehicle with just one or two taps.

Payment options

Don’t panic if you are stranded with no cash. Our Uber-like app accepts all credit/debit cards through its safe and secure payment gateway.

Real-time tracking

Give the users/vehicle owners peace of mind with full visibility of the tow truck vehicle arriving at the stranded location.

In-app call/chat

Hassle-free communication is what our Uber for Tow Truck app script establishes by deploying built-in call and messaging functionalities.

Push Notifications

It is a personalized way for entrepreneurs to communicate with their target audience. The communication includes sending promo offers, valuable marketing pitches, and many more.

Advanced Analytics

Our Uber-like app for Tow Trucks sends detailed reports on booking requests, commissions, and others weekly to the business owners.

Booking History

Uber for Tow Trucks app keep all the bookings of the users in their history. It helps them review the bookings regularly and re-book when needed.

View Demo for Uber for Tow Trucks

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!


Uber for Tow Trucks

Why Uber for Tow Trucks from us?

The Uber for Tow Trucks app is going to be a big catalyst in the roadside assistance industry because it incorporates the already successful on-demand business model.

Do you need more convincing reasons? Here are some:

Pre-built App script

Leveraging a readymade on-demand tow truck app is easier than developing a tow truck application from scratch. Launching the product is possible within a few weeks.

24/7 Tech support

We extend around-the-clock support for our clients in case of any technical assistance needed. Our developers work in rotating shifts to assist the clients at any time.


Our Uber-like app for Tow Trucks has the ability to scale up its performances when needed the most. Managing the increasing number of customers will be hassle-free with our solution.

Monetization strategies – Uber for Tow Trucks

A commercialized product like the Uber for Tow Trucks app normally has three monetization mechanisms built into it. Here are they:


One of the primary monetization strategies for business models similar to Uber. The app owner and the service provider decide the equal share for them out of the total revenue the platform generates.

Our Uber for Tow Trucks app keeps track of commissions earned by both the app owner and the service provider.

Listing fee

Also known as the “upfront fee”, a listing fee is the one the app owner can charge a (new) service provider to list their business on your platform. However, the listing fee might vary depending on the value of the services, the number of days (for listing), and many more.

If some service providers wish to take advantage of the priority listing on on-demand tow truck app, the app owner can earn decent money.

Ad space

Making money involves monetizing the Uber-like app entirely. Selling text or banner Ad spaces embedded in the Uber for Tow Trucks app is a working way to make money.

Using mobile ads allows the business owner to give his/her app away for free and still generate revenue from it.

Hassle-free management

Apart from the business owner, our Uber-like app integrates well with the service providers too as it helps market their services.

Our Uber app solution for the Tow Trucking business can be beneficial for the service providers because of these reasons:

Quick Launch Project System

No Paperwork

Right from the registration to dealing with invoices, our Uber for Tow Truck app script saves your time by getting rid of the old-fashioned paperwork. However, the app replaces it with a robust digital system.

Take Your Business Online

Give your (Already-existing) Tow trucking business an online dimension while maintaining your traditional way as such. You can take your business online entirely whenever you want/prefer.

Instant digital payments

The service providers can receive job alerts directly on their app version, complete the job, and get paid within minutes. A platform like Uber is known for its speedy digital payment algorithms.