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TikTok clone

What is TikTok clone?

As everyone knows Tik Tok is one of the world’s famous selfie video recording mobile application, which has crossed the downloads of Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media application in a very short period of time.

The main reason for the Tik Tok application popularity is its innovative idea of enabling people to record their self-video with expressions to a list of songs or music tracks playing on the background. Ever since its popularity, mobile application market has been flooded with the various software companies providing Tik Tok Clone application.

Our Tik Tok clone application is a complete readymade clone app ready to launch with your branding and endless customization as the client need.

TikTok Clone App

Features Of TikTok Clone Script

Audio List

People can select music tracks from online or upload their own audio tracks and manipulate the music quality through various music controls available on the application.

Voice Over Video Recording

Voice over along with video recording allows users to record the video with their own expressions for the uploaded audio track and record them through a mobile video recorder.

Picture and Stickers Sharing

There is a list of default pictures, stickers and the filters that can be used to send and receive between friends and like, comment on their profiles.

Multiple Image & Video Sharing

Users can share images, Videos, expressions with other users of the application and to other social media platforms to get more views and likes

In-app Channel

Our Tik Tok Clone allows users to create their own Tik Tok profile channel just like YouTube and other media application where individual users can upload their videos and images.

Highly interactive News Feed

Our Tik Tok clone allows users to view the videos and profiles based on their recent video searches and view. Where the news feed automatically gets updated with the related content.

Favorite profiles

Our Tik Tok Clone allows users to view profiles of their favorite users based on the likes, comments and keep them following to regularly get updates on their uploads.

Option to View & Like

Allowing users to view videos intact their likes, shares and where newsfeed gets updated based on their preferences.

Chat features between Users

Users can chat with the other users, also create a group to chat with multiple users. Chat settings of eachuser show whether they are available for a chat or restrict it within their friend list.

Privacy & Reporting

Privacy of each user is protected and there is an option to report abuse if there any misconduct from any suspicious users, also report the profiles publishing illegal contents

User Settings and Preferences

User profiles can be managed through the account settings options for viewing, sharing and adding contents

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Musically Clone App

What Make Our TIkTok Clone Special?

Robust & Reliable

Our application is a highly reliable application with a strong load test result, enabling user experience without affecting the application flow.,

Readymade and Whitelable

Our Tik Tok clone application is 100% readymade script which is ready to launch business module, Where the client can brand on their own

100% Customizable

Our Tik Tok clone application allows the client for endless customization based on their preference, where everything including theme, and additional features can be customized