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ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of integrated software applications that collect and organize business reports and help enterprises run smooth, dynamic operations, even as they expand.

Originally, ERPs were intended for manufacturing companies but have expanded to service industries, trading business, higher education industry, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and government administrations.

The ERP Software works simple way yet provides a strong result. The operations performed by one area renders the visibility of the data to the other area or departments of the company.ERP software gets such combined data from all its integrated functions and gives you a thorough understanding of the performance through various metrics and reports.

Developing firms sooner or later attain a stage where spreadsheets no longer help. That’s where enterprise resource planning software comes in for the rescue.

How ERP streamlines the operation of a business?

ERP allows organizations to identify areas of the business with scope for improvement and possibilities for development. For business units, the software can automate numerous error-prone tasks like account reconciliations, customer billing, order processing and provide the information teams need to operate more efficiently.

Security is a growing concern for enterprises of all sizes. Distributing data over various systems and potentially multiple tracks diminishes the security of the data. An ERP solution will strengthen the data security protocols at your company and improve administration control at the same time. ERP software is customizable. You can later add features that you require to meet the demands of your developing company.

If you’re counting implementing an ERP system, improving an existing system, or not sure what kind of ERP software your company needs, it’s beneficial to find the benefits that ERP software can cause your company. Get instantaneous visibility across your entire business with 24/7 access. Improve your capacity to understand and control various departments with access to all the aspects of your enterprise.

Key features of our ERP solution


The point of integration with ERP is that it improves the performance of business processes and strengthens teamwork between teams.

ERP Customization

A Custom ERP Solution empowers you to swiftly scale up the features so that you can meet your particular business or firm demands. The best ERP solutions offer flexibility for future development.

Common database

An ERP combines all of these diverse business operations into a single system and helps to interact with each other.


The ERP software improves the standardization of the company by automating the manual processes such as BOM creation, financial report generation, product and service dispatch.

High Data security

The ERP software strengthens the security system and keeps the information of the organization safe and secure.

Intelligent decision making

ERP software uses high-level filters and analytics to examine data. Some advanced features like deduplication also ensure the data is updated and non-duplicate.

Cost control and analysis

By implying on the cloud, you can access your business’s vital information from any part of the world and also could preserve your business time and resources.

Error-free Forecast

The ERP allows business administrators and higher-level authorities to make well-informed and quick business choices upheld by data and industry insights.

Cloud ERP implementation

ERP allows you to track the expenses incited at various projects, materials, departments and helps you to set funds.

ERP Systems Streamlines the enterprise operation

When implementing an ERP system, companies have to consider their business operations and workflows, which is a perfect opportunity to assess, what works, what not works, and what can be improved.

ERP systems support modern business best methods. Your business can increase agility, performance, and efficiency in its business operations. One of the chief profits of using the ERP system is that, by automation and integration, the practice increases the company’s productivity while lessening time and labor expenses.

E-Lite ERP

E-Lite ERP is software that offers a solution for complete business operations with pioneering technology to answer any business demands. It integrates all functions that allow you to run flawlessly amongst all the factors of your business, from customer resource management to sales & distribution.

  • Multi-Language and Multi-currency to support you handle business throughout the globe.
  • Best business practices to increase sales numbers and develop new markets.
  • Solidifies the security system and keeps the data safe and secure.
  • Cloud/on-premise integration.

Our Futuristic Dashboard 

ERP dashboards are critical to your business success. ERP dashboards accumulate and visualize metrics of the company, offering insight into the performance, forecast, and connection of business processes.

Why ERP solution from Goappx?

  1. More than 10 + years in the market - An influential brand status is a coherent one. It provides a continuous logical and satisfying client experience that fulfills the promise of the company's unique value proposition.
  2. Dedicated Support team - Our committed support team manages customer queries around the clock.
  3. Unlimited License and exclusive agreements.
  4. On-premise/ Cloud - The most suitable ERP hosting solution will be unique for every company. Goappx employs both on-premise and cloud ERP implementation.
  5. Training provided for our clients in both online and offshore mode.
  6. Future customization - An agile ERP implementation design will accelerate time to evaluate and provide the scalability to add-on abilities as needs evolve.
  7. Integration through API - Our strategy enables you to compose one API and correlate to all the services in the ERP center.