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Delivery App

What is Delivery App Clone / Postmates Clone?

A suit of mobile application that enables the users to order from local vendors and stores for on-demand delivery.

Our Delivery app clone script is a readymade software that enables both B2B and B2C to provide and receive excellent services across the globe. It makes the business profitable by delivering the goods with the help of delivery partners at customer doorstep.

Delivery App Clone Script

Features of our delivery app solution

Features that will streamline your delivery app clone for the good.

Orders & customers

Have quick access to current orders, order details, ETA for each order, customer profiles pertaining to each order, and much more. Plan your deliveries better with automatic order assortment for deliveries.

Pickup & delivery

Add any number of locations for pickup and delivery. You can also configure separate working hours for each pickup and delivery location or region that best fits your business model.

Integrated payments

Your customers can make payment through the several modes incorporated into the app. We can enable PayPal, Authorize.NET, wire transfers, credit card, cash on delivery or any other payment mode as you desire.

Source code

Want to tinker the app source code to make it truly personal and customized? We will provide you with the developer license and source code that to enable you to make custom modifications

Voucher system

Include vouchers, promo codes, offer codes and coupons that will allow your users to redeem a discount or offer when they are transacting through the delivery app.

Google map integration

Your deliverers need accurate and real-time navigation instructions that will help them reach customers faster. Our Google map integration makes that easier.

Email & SMS notification

Both deliverer and customers will be notified about order and delivery status with custom email and SMS notifications.

Built-in reporting

Be in the know of how your business is performing with built-in apps. All key metrics including real-time status of ongoing orders and completed orders right at our fingertips.

Multi-language support

Our multi-lingual support will help you speak the language of your customers. Scale globally, yet remain a locally attractive option for your customers.

View Demo

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!


Delivery App

One app to serve them all – Postmates Clone

Our delivery app clone script can be used by all related stakeholders in several ways that will be useful to them.

Super Admin

Super admin will have complete access to the app control console. From adding new users to setting user privileges, the super admin would be the manager of the app

Delivery service provider

The delivery service provider can use the app to see current delivery orders. The app would also give information about completed deliveries and earnings thereon.

Delivery Staff

The delivery staff can use the app as a medium through which new delivery tasks would be received. They can use in-app navigation and history to reckon earnings.


The customer facing app would have provision to see current orders, ETA for current orders, payables, payment mode and every other allied information.

Why our Postmates Clone Script?

Our Postmates clone application EasyPicker is one of the finest on-demand delivery applications. Loaded with lots of features and functionalities that an on-demand delivery application could possibly have.

EasyPicker is a renowned delivery application module available on both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore with the highest user satisfaction. Easypicker comes with a powerful Admin panel, website, dashboard panel for the company, User application, Carrier application where all the applications are very well compatible with Android, Apple, Windows and Mac devices. Also, cross-browser approved with 100% responsive from all the sizes of screens.

In terms of features and technology, EasyPicker uses one of the most advanced and secure coding structures in order to make it reliable application across all the platforms.


Ultimate Customization Options



We offer an edge of technology feature geo fencing using the google map services which is an epitome of using the map features. Geofencing enables companies to limit their services based on the map view, upgrading the geofencing options allows admin to draw a polygon on the google map to mark the location of the service. Which is also helps in various external options like going for the franchise, setting pricing based on urban & rural areas. These features make the geofencing one of the ultimate module in an on-demand services mobile application.


VoIP Calling

Easypicker is one of the very few Postmates Clone applications that allows upgrading for VoIP calling facility which allows the application users to make and receive calls without showing their mobile numbers to the stranger. Useful most of the gulf countries to have their identity protected by revealing his or her personal contact numbers publicly.


Multiple Pickup and Delivery

EasyPicker has the ultimate option of multiple pickup and delivery of items on a single booking. This allows our Postmates Clone application to serve the option of picking up items from different locations and delivering them at the same or different location on a single booking accurately without any hassle. EasyPicker is one of the very few on-demand delivery mobile application to provide this feature.

Open Module For Delivery Person

EasyPicker services are not restricted to a particular set of delivery persons or one with the professional courier vehicle. Our Postmates Clone allows adding different service providers from a walker to an Airlift carrier. This makes EasyPicker always ready to serve people with the maximum number of carriers available in any situation.

More Deliveries

Alcohol Delivery

EasyPicker is one of the best on-demand delivery applications that can be used for the Alcohol delivery services which is widely getting popular in most cities in the world in order to prevent drunk and drive scenarios. Where our Postmates clone application is the best choice to start an online liquor delivery.

Alcohol Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Medicinal items are one of the largely sent and received goods in the transport industry which also requires a safe and speedy solution. EasyPicker’s all the way insurance and speed delivery options for the fragile items will be one of the best options for medicine delivery.

Equipment Delivery

As explained our Postmates clone application EasyPicker is an epitome of delivery solutions that is useful at every stage of the transport business in terms of speed and safety. An add-on option for third party insurance is an excellent feature for sending and receiving expensive goods like medical machinery, etc.

Grocery Delivery

Buying daily groceries by waiting on the supermarket long queues are now things of past with our Delivery App Clone application launch your own on-demand grocery delivery application. EasyPicker satisfies all the major features of a grocery delivery application from local vendors to international markets.

Launch Your Application

Experience and Analyse

You could experience our Postmates Clone EasyPicker through downloading from Appstore and Playstore, Install to send and receive items in realtime to analyze the application behavior before purchasing on your own.

Consult Our Experts

After experiencing the application come with your inquiries on the application behavior in regards to your location, our team of technical experts will help you choose the best possible module of Postmates clone application.

Basic KYC For Project

Once all your inquiries answered and after choosing the best Postmates clone module for your business market. Since its white-labeled software module get your own Google, Apple, Server, Logo, and other third-party support packages in order to launch the application in your own brand name. For getting all the basic credentials our technical experts will be assisting you in each phase.

Highly Informative Web Panel

EasyPicker comes with one of the best and highly demanding admin dashboards among all the other Postmates clone applications in the market making it much easier for the entry-level internet entrepreneurs to learn and control the overall delivery business without any prior experience in the industry.

Web Admin panel tracks overall business activity from Vendors, Users, Drivers and any other third-party support partners. EasyPicker is different from any other Postmates clone where most of the admin features are needed to be added as extra customization but EasyPicker provides all the major admin features at the base trim of the application packages.

admin panel

Also, EasyPicker is one of the first Postmates clones to have an upgrade option of multiple sub admin functionality to be embedded in an on-demand delivery application. Which is one of the best ideas to have on a delivery application which is going to lots of sending and receiving of goods making it difficult for a single admin to manage all, also avoiding the risk of giving access to the transaction details to all the admin logins where only the super admin can view payment transaction restricting the same for other users.

Business Models

The on-demand delivery business model is booming. Take a stake of the market with the many business models available with the app.

  • Order only model Basic model of online ordering where the customer can place an order but visit the location directly to receive the packet.
  • Order and delivery A cost-effective way to handle logistics for restaurants, food joints and other on demand services that do not have logistic services of their own.
  • Point-to-point delivery A network of last mile delivery executives will be created who will be assigned to deliver packets that are closest to their real-time location