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Zoopla clone

Augment Your Real Estate Business with the Zoopla Clone

As business owners, we all prefer to expand our businesses, don’t we? With changing technological landscape, not many would prefer their business to be lagging (as a whole). Not just your Real Estate business but almost every other business striving hard to keep them up-to-date. However, it’s going to be an easy process! What if technology like Zoopla clone plunges in to keep the real estate business afloat?!

Let’s get started.

Wondering what’s the need for technology now? – Zoopla clone

As you’ve landed on this blog, the chances are that you might be an existing (real-estate) business owner or wanna-be Techpreneur. Whatever it is, remember that most property hunters maneuver through online results to find their preferred one. Millennials will drive new housing patterns and digital demands in real estate as the newest and largest group of purchasers.

Here are certain factors that make the Real estate app development so prominent:

  • Millennials are far more comfortable with Real estate Tech than earlier generations since they grew up with it.

According to a report from NAR (National Association of Realtors), millennials (from 25 to 40 age range) continue to make up the 35% of market share in the United States.

If you wonder whether this report applies the same to your region; well, it does (to a certain extent)!

That’s because most of these millennials are also Smartphone users. The chances are that they rely on websites & mobile applications to search for their dream properties.

Now that we’ve seen the significance of technology in your business, let us enlist the attributes of an app like Zoopla in the next section!

Why Zoopla clone?

Equipped with user-centric features, Zoopla is continuing as one of the United Kingdom’s sought-after Property search applications. With over a million downloads, the application also helps the users buy or rent overseas properties in the United States, France, and Italy too.

If you search for convincing reasons to invest in the Zoopla clone script, let us enlist some of them:

  • The clone solution is inclusive of industry-specific features like Virtual tours that also act as an internal communication tool.
  • The Zoopla clone software automatically enhances visibility by listing a diverse selection of homes. Buyers may easily contact the vendor and engage with him.
  • A Zoopla-like app enhances the brand reach and customer retention with functionalities like referrals and loyalty programs. This rewards the regular users with discounts and deals.
  • The multi-dimensional Zoopla clone helps you generate revenue through 3rd party banner Ads, subscription fees, and fixed commissions from the real estate agents/buyers.

Zoopla’s instant matching algorithm will connect the buyers with suitable agents/sellers. With vigorous background checks, Zoopla ensures the credibility of properties listed on its platform.

Are you pondering on whether the Zoopla clone allows customizations? Let us give you the answer with an instance.

Unlimited Customizations – Zoopla Clone

Customization is merely the modification of the program to include new functionality that the software doesn’t currently have! To develop an application that meets a business’s requirements, entrepreneurs generally prefer app customizations.

So, what are the vital additions you can make to the Zoopla clone script? Here are they:

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Modern applications utilize AI-based functionalities to simplify business operations, business-customer communication, and so on.

Here are some of the use cases of AI in real estate app:

1) Simplifies the Property Search for Buyers.

2) Identifies High-converting leads for Business.

3) Forecasts the market value of properties.

Most importantly, the AI-enabled Chatbot keeps the prospective leads in the engagement even when you aren’t online.

Blockchain Technology

In real estate, Blockchain technology helps in the digitization of securities, assets, and financial instruments. Commercial purchasers will continue to rely on the advice, knowledge, and know-how of real estate professionals in the real estate market. Securities processing, liability management, document processing, and accounting, on the other hand, will unavoidably alter.

Some of the use cases of Blockchain technology in Zoopla Clone are:

  • Loan & Mortgage Securitization.
  • Property Management.
  • And, Urban Planning.

Vital Features of the Zoopla Clone Script

House Price Estimate (Tool)

This feature allows the buyers to assess the exact or approximate (market) price of any property. Moreover, they can also get free (price) quotes from real estate agents through the app.

Overseas Property (optional)

When you decide to expand your business beyond boundaries, this feature will be useful! You can aggregate overseas property data from reliable sources and let the buyers (users) book their favorite!

If you wish to start yours small and local, the customizable Zoopla clone script lets you add/remove this feature whenever you want.

Built-in Maps

The inclusion of a map helps users locate the neighborhood facilities before buying a property. Proximity and accessibility to essential locations such as hospitals, schools, and other local facilities are important factors that might affect the final purchasing choice.

The Time has come now! – Zoopla clone

Real estate followed traditional practices for a long time. Only in the mid-2010s, the industry saw the infiltration of technology. Fast forward to 2021; the need to automate or digitize the process has become a necessity rather than an option.

To digitize, you’ll need a proficient Real estate application, and Zoopla clone offers just that!

If not Zoopla clone, we’ve got a myriad of Real estate products with us. Visit our website now.

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