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Zimmber clone

Entwine your On-demand services venture with the Zimmber clone

Everything has changed as a result of technological advancements, including the way we live, cook, shop, and even date. On-demand applications have revolutionized the way we travel, shop, dine and get professional services. On-demand applications now cover nearly all customer-centric activities, including ones connected to home tasks. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to set afoot in the on-demand market, then this article is for you. Let’s find out whether the Zimmber clone will be a go-to platform for your business or not.

Some of the Services you can include in Zimmber clone

1) On-demand Beauty services

For many people, getting ready for gatherings is a challenging process. Reaching a salon is a headache due to hectic schedules and ever-increasing traffic, especially in major cities. Would anyone say No to a beautician visiting the home for beauty services?!

With an On-demand services clone, you can partner with beauticians on-demand to launch your in-home salon service.

2) Laundry services

Not many prefer to step out of their homes with dirty clothes. At the same time, not many could afford the time for laundering them too. For this reason, including this on-demand laundry service is a wise choice.

Moreover, when you include the pick-up and delivery option in the laundry app, people might show more interest.

3) Home services

The term “Home services” include every repair service to be done inside. Concerning the customer’s need, your business can send professionals to the home. Regarding the professionals, they can either be a plumber or electrician, or whatever.

A platform like Zimmber clone has the common services dashboard from where the users can maneuver to the services they are looking for!

What does the Zimmber clone is made of?

All-in-one Search bar

A Zimmber-like app contains an intuitive search bar that helps the users navigate to their preferred service providers. If one couldn’t find the service from the dashboard, the search bar can plunge in.

Along with the search bar, there are some filters that might simplify the process for many!

More than 4 payment options

The in-app payment option is a primary feature when it comes to on-demand applications. The users will find it easier to utilize these avant-garde payment options for the services.

Make sure that you choose the customizable Zimmber clone script to offer a safe and secure payment option to your customers. The multiple payment options include net banking, credit/debit cards, eWallets, and Google Pay.

Admin panel

The admin table must have an online interface. The dashboard serves as the device’s command center. Any program action may be watched and recorded.

This feature allows you to manage the business virtually and monitor the excellent and poor-performing service providers.

Cost of the Zimmber clone script

You may wonder – what will be the final cost of developing an app like Zimmber? The answer to this question depends on a multitude of factors.

However, let us enlist the three significant factors deciding the cost:

Operating platform

The mobile operating platform (Android or iOS) decides the final cost. Couldn’t decide what platform you want to develop your app on? If you want to garner a large user base, you might want to develop your app on both platforms.

For example, if your target market has iOS users (at large quantity), you might want to develop that application first!


The more the number of features, the higher the development cost. This is also true with the Zimmber clone for home services. More features enhance the complexity of your software, which means you’ll have to pay more to create it.


The design of your app, its complexity, and third-party integrations are some other deciding factors. The more the number of integrations, the higher the final cost.

Start entwining! – Zimmber clone

The on-demand services app is gaining momentum in a number of nations. Though some firms, such as Handyman, have already written their success stories, it is safe to say that many sectors and markets for delivering on-demand home services have yet to be explored.

By leveraging the Zimmber clone, you can seize the chances and reap the advantages of the rising popularity of on-demand services.

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