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Yodawy clone

Empower your medicine delivery business with the Yodawy clone

Yodawy clone: Because you work in the pharmacy industry, you understand how difficult it is to keep your brand moving and keep up with the competition. Pharmacy businesses today use a variety of business development tactics. They spend money on advertising, provide discounts, and work hard to establish a strong web presence. All of these tactics aim to strengthen client relationships while increasing revenue.

Below, we share information about developing the Yodawy clone that bolsters your existing business.

Which business model does Yodawy clone support?

Building a medicine delivery app necessitates a thorough understanding of the business model, which specifies the primary activities, resources, and operational flow.

Yodawy clone, as an on-demand solution, supports the following two business models:

1. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

The D2C approach is ideal for large pharma stores with a large inventory of medicines that need to reach more consumers. Such pharmacies may create an app that allows customers to order medications. The key advantage of choosing this business strategy is the increased consumer reach provided by a mobile app.

2. Aggregator model

The aggregator concept functions similarly to an on-demand service such as Uber or Airbnb. In this case, a pharmacy delivery app acts as a middleman between several pharmacy businesses or retailers and clients. Users can upload prescriptions, which are verified by expert pharmacists, and medications are supplied via third-party pharmacies.

Whatever it be – aggregator or D2C model, but an on-demand medicine delivery solution is mandatory for your business’s success.

Four reasons why Yodawy clone is the Best

1. An app that solves a problem

Customers can order pharmacy supplies to be delivered to their homes via an online medicine delivery app. In the pharmacy industry, a delivery app is a game-changer. Until recently, there was no option to purchasing medicine from a traditional drugstore.

Moreover, they can utilize the Yodawy clone app to browse a wide range of pharmaceutical categories. When they’ve found what they’re looking for, they can add it to their basket and check out. Users can then make secure payments instantly and receive delivery updates.

2. Smart inventory management

The medicine delivery businesses play a significant role in connecting the local pharmacists with the customers. The business model operates in a way that allows a customer to request a specific medication, which the chemists then check for availability and ensures prompt delivery. This model is similar to the virtual model of the traditional over-the-counter system, which aids in the model’s credibility since the order is executed by your trusted local chemist.

3. Access to information

Customers can look for thorough information about drugs and read all of the directions. Accessibility is essential for Yodawy clone since it allows them to track patients’ progress and medication trends. Users should be allowed to set up monthly subscriptions for drugs, particularly for chronic conditions such as diabetes.

4. A-Z Technical support

When deciding to digitize your medicine delivery business, you might require world-beating technology to outshine your competitors. With Yodawy clone, you’ll get avant-garde technology that leads to a flawless user experience. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, customers may have a lot of questions and may seek assistance in finding the necessary information. Through the built-in chat, pharmacies will be able to answer patients’ inquiries and provide professional recommendations.

Features of Yodawy clone App

Admin Panel

Analytics, account administration, inventory management, and revenue tracking can all be included in the admin panel. If you choose the D2C business model, the admin interface should provide an inventory management tool. Account management for users or suppliers, order tracking, and real-time notifications are critical features for the aggregator model.


From the admin panel, the business owner can view all the operational data and statistics along with the interactive suggestions. Along with these functionalities, the service provider should be able to manage profiles and receive real-time order updates.

Advanced Search

The users can browse through multiple categories of Yodawy clone, add their medicines to the cart, and proceed to the checkout page. Customers can then make secure payments and begin tracking their medication orders in the final stage.

Wrapping Up – Yodawy clone

During this pandemic, on-demand drug delivery is gaining traction, and as we approach the new normal, it will expand faster than ever. Developing a pharmaceutical delivery app and jumping on the bandwagon may make sense till you have the necessary tools for growth. At GoAppX, we have a readymade delivery app in place. Contact us!

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