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uber for x clone solution

Provide hair styling and grooming services at customers’ doorstep with our customizable Uber for X clone app solution

Technology plays a massive role in our everyday lives, let it be booking a taxi on the app or ordering groceries online or whatever it is! Considering its convenience and accessibility, many industries are integrating into the on-demand concept.

What if the salon industry tries to leverage the on-demand concept? With coronavirus instilling the importance of in-home services, things have changed.Anyone can hire on-demand hairstylists at home to groom yourselves for any occasion! Moreover, the Uber for X clone app works plays the same role asthe on-demand concept works for other niches.

What’s the need to embrace the on-demand model?

Getting an appointment at local hair salons to turn out to be a tedious task often, and it becomes even more embarrassing to wait for a long time while preparing yourselves for an occasion or get-together. And, many miss out on better deals by avoiding the extensive search of hair salons in their region.

Customers’ time is valuable

People nowadays aren’t willing to afford time for driving down or even waiting at the salons. In this fast-paced life, they do not prefer spending much time taking care of themselves!

The on-demand concept addresses all these and comes up with an easy way of booking your favorite hairstylist. Upon booking, these hairstylists on-demand arrive at your convenient location, let it be your home or hotel or workplace!

Let the customers hire vetted professionals

Any Uber for X startup meant to hire professionals after a complete background check. With necessary advancements in the on-demand services application, these startups can view, process, and verify the documents uploaded by the hairstyling professionals.

Customers prefer to hire professionals who fit their needs! After finished vetting, enroll those professionals on to your app and let customers hire.

On-demand hair stylist app from GoAppX

By now, you would have been convinced that the on-demand concept is pivotal for the future of the salon industry. Regardless of your business model, whether you’re trying to take your salon business online or planning to create a marketplace like Uber, we have an app solution ideal for anything!

Our app solution is easily customizable for any business model, so, need not worry! Let us share some of the features present in our app solution;

What are the features of customers?

  • Social media login
  • Users get provided a list of nearby hair stylists
  • Customers can utilize filters to find perfect and nearby professionals
  • Users can utilize “book now, schedule later” option to get the service at preferred dates
  • In-app payment integration
  • In-app chat
  • Push notifications.

What are the features ofprofessionals?

  • Social media login
  • Easy profile management – Can provide info like experience, previous works, etc.
  • In-app chat
  • Accept/Reject service request
  • Availability toggle
  • Manage earnings
  • Reviews and feedbacks.

For on-demand startups, a robust admin panel is mandatory! With that, they can manage the overall functionalities (manage customers and professionals, issue discounts, add/delete services, etc.), and could manage every booking happening through their application.


Startups like Glamsquad and UrbanClap have already taken advantage of the on-demand concept and is driving forward to the beauty and salon industry.

So, why don’t you jump on the bandwagon right away with the UrbanClap clone solution?!

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