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wearable app development

Wearable app development – How to go about mobile app development?

Mobile App for this, a mobile app for that… such is the popularity of mobile applications these days. With smartphone usage soaring high since its inception, there are all chances that you might find a mobile app for almost every need. However, whether the  wearable app development process is rocket science or a piece of cake remains ambiguous. We hope this article will clear every air about the app development process, in general.

Steps to Follow

The mobile app market is growing leaps and bounds in this technological world. As a result, numerous app ideas are popping up.

If you have an app idea and don’t know from where to start, here are the steps to follow:

We have listed out custom-made solutions for every business, regardless of the niche. Have a look at it now!

Step 1: Idealization

Conceiving an app idea is the foundation of the mobile app development process. Mobile app ideation is not that difficult; however, you have to come up with something interesting yet “never-been-done-before”.

To create a worthwhile mobile application,

  • Identify a common consumer pain point in your region

Wondering on how to identify? Look around your region – it can be a commuting problem, communication problem, etc.

Remember Facebook just started as a communication tool between university students in the United States.

Step 2: Identification

Building an App without knowing certain things is like firing a shot in the dark. To create a successful mobile application, you need to make sure of these things:

  • Target users – An app developed without a clear view of target users is of no use. To say you an example, the streaming giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime find their target users in the form of entertainment enthusiasts, movie geeks, etc.
  • Mobile platforms – Choosing the right platform plays a significant role in utilizing the target user base. However, when presented with a choice of Android or iOS, the majority of entrepreneurs out there choose both of them to maximize the user base. Take the wearable app development, for instance, through which you can develop a mobile application that has access to device hardware.
  • Monetization model – The app development market is flooding with service requests; however, very few are those who develop applications for non-profit purposes. If you want to monetize your application, identify the ways to generate revenue – it can be a paid version, subscription model, advertising, or whatever.

At the end of this step, you can somehow conclude on the approximate cost require to develop your mobile app.

Step 3: Development

Employing the right development team (either in-house or outsourcing) is quintessential. However, before hiring a development team, you must identify the approach to build a mobile app.

  • Native app development – Platform-specific are these applications, which delivers best-in-class user experience.
  • Web app development – Made using HTML5, CSS, or JavaScript, these applications are very affordable.
  • Hybrid app development – A blend of web and native applications developed using the platform’s default solutions.

Choosing the right approach depends on your requirements; however, we (the technical team) at GoAppX suggest you go with native app development to attain maximum ROI.

Step 4: Marketing

Publicizing your mobile application is equally important as developing it. For non-profit developers, it will not be a bother; however, for profit-making developers, it will be of substantial importance.

Forgetting to publicize your application means a high possibility of getting lost in the competitive world. However, on the bright side, your application can also act as a marketing tool apart from social media.

The Significance of Wearable mobile app development

Wearables (or) wearable devices are nothing but smartwatches, trackers, fitness bands, etc. As more and more millennials and Gen Zers are using wearable devices, there is an increasing need for wearable app development as the devices are driven by applications fed into them.

According to Statista, the number of wearable devices is expected to reach more than a billion (globally) at the end of 2022. More the number of devices, the more the need for app development.

If you are just starting, concentrating on developing wearable applications might bring you benefits.

Now over to you!

We hope you found the article helpful and got an answer to your question – how to go about mobile app development. Having said that, mobile app development is a technical call rather than a tactical call, and therefore it should be nurtured by a professional technology partner.

Need assistance in building your dream app? Get in touch with our technical team right now!

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