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Viber Clone App

Viber Clone App – Defy the Cybersecurity threats by using your own customized internal communication chat app

Instant messaging apps have gained notoriety along with the increase in smartphone usage. As technology is transforming every day, loopholes are also keeping on increasing. As a result, the number of cybersecurity threats is also increasing every day. Even though there are umpteen numbers of messaging apps available in the market, the data security breach is happening often. The scenario opens up the doors for a Viber clone app that comes with a robust end-to-end encryption system.

Let’s take a brief look at the app – the importance of encrypted communication, the app’s features, and so on.

What exactly is end-to-end encryption? – Viber Clone App

It is a system of communication, which assigns both the sender and receiver of a message as a credible source. So, only these two can access messages through the app, not even your Internet service provider or the encrypted messaging app owner.  Using an end-to-end encrypted app could involve some effort – from downloading to encrypting to decrypting – but it’s the secure way available for users to safeguard their communications.

Let us list out some of the scenarios where encrypted communication could play a big role;

  • If you’re a businessman, who knows, your competitors might be eavesdropping on your calls and communication
  • So, by using encrypted communication, you can deceive the eavesdroppers.
  • Moreover, in some messaging apps like WeChat clone, there is an encrypted payment option – which allows you to send or receive money safely.

As said above, end-to-end encryption is an ideal option not only for preventing personal data but also for relishing secure payment gateways. So, we think that more or less sums up the need for end-to-end encryption in instant messaging apps.

Why Viber clone app, not others?

Rakuten Viber or simply Viber is a Luxembourg-based instant messaging app that allows users to exchange multimedia like images, videos, and texts. Viber is known for its sophisticated features like messaging, sticker-sharing, games, and so on. Since its arrival, it has become one of the widely used messaging apps across the globe only behind the market leader – Whatsapp.

Its popularity has drawn attention from numerous entrepreneurs to develop an app-like Viber. Just like every other clone app, the Viber clone app comes with a lot of benefits for whatever the usage is.

  • The clone app comes with a reliable encryption system, which ensures safe and secure communication.
  • It bridges the gap between the sender and receiver through text messages, video calls, and so on.
  • It lets the app users make calls even to non-users through Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system.
  • Unlike its competitors, the Viber clone allows its users to make calls from its desktop app.
  • Most importantly the Viber clone script allows the developers to consistently experiment with new features.

With the Viber clone app holding such benefits, the app’s feature-set matters a lot. That’s because it will only complete an instant messaging app!

Features of Viber clone app script

The digital era is witnessing umpteen numbers of mobile applications; however, applications with eye-catchy features grab the attention of users. A unique feature-set is what differentiates the Viber clone app from its competitors and help enjoy a good market share.

Contacts synchronization:

Upon registering with the mobile number, the app algorithm automatically synchronizes the contacts in mobile devices. Contact synchronization happens in a jiffy!

Once the screen displays the available contacts, the users can communicate with them anytime.

Desktop access:

Imagine that you’ve lost your smartphone somewhere, but you can access the Viber clone script from your desktop – make calls, send texts, and whatever you do it on your mobile app.

This could be a go-to feature for business owners who are glued around the clock to their laptops or desktops.

Social sharing:

With this feature, the users can share images or videos from the Viber clone app to Facebook, Twitter, and vice versa.

This feature allows users to switch and share data between the mobile apps in a jiffy!

Video & voice calls:

The mandatory features in instant messaging apps! However, the Viber clone app isn’t offering these features for a formality instead they offer high-quality voice call options even when users have split apart some thousand miles.

So, what’s next? – Viber Clone App

Well, the thing is, we don’t know your intention or need for reading this blog. You might be an entrepreneur looking to launch a business or even a messaging enthusiast! But whatever the reason is, the Viber clone app is worth trying as it comes with a unique encryption system and so on.

If you would like to have a free live demo of our Viber clone app, feel free to contact us today.

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