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Use the live streaming clone app to broadcast occasions during this curfew

As people stayed home due to the corona virus outbreak, the demand for live streaming to stay virtually connected has increased. We all know that all public gatherings including the music concerts, Weddings, and get-together were asked to cancel by the governing bodies.

While staying in homes, people utilized online live streaming apps to keep connected with their loved ones. As a result, the live streaming market grew by 48%, particularly between April and June this year.

While speaking about occasions, let us list out some of the industries that have leveraged live streaming during this curfew…!

Live streaming for Weddings

The Corona virus has taken a toll on almost everything, and the weddings during lock down are of no exception! Weddings are events that bring relatives, friends, and colleagues together to make it a memorable one. Unfortunately, the pandemic this year has stopped everyone from doing weddings like that and has forced them to adapt to the guidelines issued.

Well, since the mid of March this year, we’ve heard about numerous Weddings from across the globe being broadcaster. “Live streaming a wedding is becoming mainstream,” said Vishal Joshi – a San Francisco based Wedding planner, while speaking to the New York Times. Well, no one knows, how long will the ban on mass gatherings stays across the globe, however, we guess that the usage of live streaming for Weddings will stay even beyond the COVID-19!

Want to live stream your wedding? Build your Periscope clone app and embrace technology to safeguard memories.

Live streaming for musicians

Not only did the live streaming helped broadcast memorable occasions, but it also helped some to generate revenue. Since the musical concerts involve huge gatherings, it was also canceled thereby resulting in huge monetary losses. However, the live streaming helped musicians to interact with live audiences and monetize their live performances during this curfew.

Even though there are several live streaming platforms available across the globe, developing your live streaming app by leveraging the ideal live streaming clone script will yield good results!

What the future holds for live-streamed events?

Well, this is a depressed market for event organizers as many events continue to go virtual! We all know that almost 70% of the retail businesses have gone digital now, likewise, the events (both personal and official) has high chances to remain virtual even beyond the COVID-19.

Let us list out some of the benefits of holding virtual events;

  • People living outside geographical boundaries can participate in real-time virtual events
  • You can live stream an event to a much larger audience
  • Of course, it cuts down the huge investment on a physical event
  • Last but not least, by leveraging technology, we (human beings) tend to evolve

Of course, it becomes vital to develop your live streaming app to reap all the benefits.

Wrapping up

The Corona virus outbreak has brought everything to a standstill, including human interaction, personal and official events, etc. The live streaming proved ideal for people who were searching for ways to stay connected.

Not only did it brought the people together, but it also brought the businesses and customers together as the usage of live streaming for marketing increased during this curfew!

If you are planning to live stream an event, let it be whatever, build your app like Bigo right now.

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