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Things you should know before launching your UrbanClap clone app

Urbanclap clone: On-demand services have left faith amongst internet users in this digital era. It has become a trend in every niche, especially services like house cleaning, tutoring service, mechanics, massage, and similar services have earned popularity throughout the world.

Not only these services but also several services that comfort people will blow shortly. UrbanClap is one of the leading service providers in the current market, catering smooth and trustworthy services for people.

Presently, 25,000 specialists are working with millions of happy consumers, which indicate the fame of the UrbanClap app among users.

Two main factors to consider while establishing your on-demand services clone app

Find your target consumers.

The first step while setting a base in the on-demand industry is, identifying your target audience for availing your services. You cannot predict which one of your services will set a benchmark in a particular area until you launch your app.

But, what you can focus on is picturing and visualizing the better usage of the app, including advanced features of the app. As a result, the reach of your business and audiences will grow drastically.

Market analysis

Customer satisfaction is the crucial aspect to consider sustaining in this competitive market. Since the demand for apps like UrbanClap exists, the market will be supposed to flourish continuously. As previously mentioned, the on-demand industry has x number of services.

According to the report from Statista, the household service makes revenue of US $845 million and, expected to increase by 4.13%.

In general, the online demand service industry will grow by $1574 billion by 2024. In the year 2019, UrbanClap witnessed a 150% boost in revenue when compared to 2018.

Step-by-step guidance to start building a UrbanClap clone app

The on-demand services market has a great scope in the present as well as in the future. Complete steps for the development of the UrbanClap clone app are below.

1. App design and layout

Every app must have a good framework it enables users can easily navigate through the app to avail several services. The points to consider while designing the UI/UX interface of your app.

  • The app design must be simple and easy to use. Complex user experience leads to loss of customers.
  • The flawless navigation helps users to cruise through all the services in the app efficiently.
  • The design must be free from bugs and glitches.

2. Features

Including additional advanced features in your app will make your app unique and easy to use. Some features of the UrbanClone clone app are;

Filtering options

The filter option is one of the best features that help users to choose their desired services. Users can filter out based on price, reviews, schedule, and much more.

Multi-mode payment option

Each user prefers their own payment methods. Some users use cash-on-delivery methods and, others use digital payment methods such as credit/debit UPI, net banking, etc.

Giving users such flexibility in payments will make your app credible and trustworthy.

Real-time tracking

The app provides the service seekers location in real-time for the service providers once they receive their booking. Similarly, the users can track the real-time location of the service providers.

In-app Notifications – urbanclap clone

The In-app notification pops up on the screen. Sending messages to the users about order status offers and discounts via the app. It helps to improve your engagement with your users.

3. App development

The app can be developed from scratch or customized from a ready-made clone app with unique personalized features. Presently, clone apps are trending in the market. The UrbanClap clone app solution allows business people to begin their app in a shorter span.

Final words – Urbanclap clone

There is no perfect time to start developing an on-demand services clone app. You can set a foundation in the on-demand services market after identifying your target customers and knowing their choices. Cloning, the well-accepted app will benefit in boosting your enterprise to a greater extent. Consolidating advanced & user-friendly features and a simple user interface is what makes your app stand out from your rival’s app.

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