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Udemy Clone

Monetize the demand for LFH (Learning from Home) by using Udemy clone

Everything in this world is subject to change (update) – the way we learn, our skillset, the technology we use, and so on. Remember, who would have thought online classes would become normalcy, courtesy of the COVID-19. On the other hand, due to technological advancements, it becomes a necessity for working professionals to update their skillset. However, they couldn’t afford time for learning new technologies amidst their work schedule. That’s where the eLearning platforms help these professionals a lot by providing courses virtually!

So, if you’re planning to launch any business, developing an Udemy clone and launching an eLearning marketplace business will be the correct option.

How captivating is the eLearning industry? – Udemy Clone

eLearning marketplace is an online platform that brings subject matter experts and students (learners) together for better learning. The courses offered in eLearning forums help interested learners to update them in whichever field they choose. Not only the eLearning forums are helpful for learners but it is also helpful for subject experts to earn money!

For the aforementioned reasons, the majority of people go crazy over the eLearning mobile apps. Check out the following statistics for better understanding;

  • The global eLearning market is expected to surpass USD 370 billion by 2026, which was around USD 100 billion in 2019 (Source:
  • Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR) are the key trends that could drive the eLearning industry forward (Source:
  • Moreover, the eLearning forums let the learners pick the course and learn at their preferred time.
  • Corporate companies save a lot of time and money by incorporating eLearning strategies for training.

The bottom line is, eLearning is one of the many perks of consuming the Internet and mobile app technology. This article highlights entrepreneurial opportunities in the eLearning industry and how can you capitalize on it!

Why Udemy clone for your eLearning startup?


Udemy is an American online course provider aimed at adult learners and working professionals. It offers a course for almost every category – Machine learning, Marketing, App development, Digital Marketing, and many more. Moreover, it also offers training courses to businesses, which might help in technology incorporation, enhancing productivity, etc.

So, isn’t it a platform like Udemy clone that is investment-worthy? If you haven’t yet convinced,

  • No investment in infrastructure. No staffing. It’s just about developing a mobile app for your eLearning marketplace.
  • Udemy clone comes with a sophisticated learning management system (LMS), which ensures there are no troubles for learners while studying a course.
  • Moreover, with efficient performance metrics, you can update learners about their performance in every course.

Well, you may doubt revenue-generating strategies in your eLearning startup.

Since it’s a marketplace,

  • You can earn through commissions on every sale made through your online platform.
  • List some courses under “Featured courses” and you can charge some fees from subject matter experts.
  • Customize the Udemy clone script and create ad space in your mobile app. Invite brands to advertise, and earn!

To understand the perks of Udemy clone script, it is important to analyze its feature-set. Well, doing so might help you determine the features you want in your eLearning app.

Features of Udemy clone script

Social login:

It is a form of getting single sign-on accessibility using information from various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Through this method, the users could maneuver past the registration process in just a few seconds.

Admin dashboard:

This feature of the Udemy clone script is intended to give you complete control over the business. It has every access for you to decide on – who can upload courses, price fixation for the courses, resolving the users’ queries, and many more can be done from this dashboard.

Course material (download):

Yes, the online courses contain video lectures that range from 20 minutes to 2 hours and more. However, once finishing the video lectures, the users of the Udemy clone app are allowed to view and download the study material, most often in a PDF format.

Well, it is up to you to decide – whether to bestow the “Download” option on free or Premium courses.

And the final say… – Udemy Clone

We guess, by now, this article would have given you an idea about starting an eLearning business. One more thing is, we use Udemy’s name just for the promotional purpose; however, while starting your business with Udemy clone, you can add your expertise to it to stand-out.

If you’re interested in building an app like Udemy, remember our technical team is at your disposal.

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