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With normalcy returning, how can the Uber for Gardener app businesses restore their functionalities from the pandemic setback?!

Try our Uber for Gardener app clone to restore your gardening business from the lockdown setback

The world is suffering at the hands of an unprecedented pandemic, and no one knows how long will it be like this! But everyone could sense the economic downturn due to the continual lockdowns. Well, many businesses have suffered, including the likes of gardening service businesses.

Since these lockdowns were aimed to reduce contact between people, the gardening businesses were left inactive for long days!

Now, when the normalcy is gradually coming back, how can you restore your Uber for the Gardener app business?!

Take basic precautionary measures

Restoration of business after all these days might bring a smile back on your employees’ faces as most of them have to work to earn a living!

However, as a business owner, you have to safeguard these employees by urging them to take basic precautionary measures.

  • Ask the gardening on-demand professionals to follow the basic social distancing measures
  • Whatever the service is, let it be gardening or lawn mowing, provide a set of basic tools for every professional
  • If it’s a community garden, include some strict guidelines for your professionals.

Take your business online

More and more people have been addicted to the Internet throughout global lockdown!

Well, people do not just scroll through the Internet for entertainment, but they’ve searched a lot for in-home services over the lockdown period. Of course, this confirms one thing, getting services through the Internet is the new normal!

Here is how you can increase the online presence for your business;

  • Develop an Uber for X clone app
  • Include whatever the services you offer in the app
  • Create social media accounts – To enhance the online presence
  • Promote your app in the communities you usually work for!

What about the non-field staff?

Well, the professional gardeners of your business can serve customers with reasonable precautions. Be it gardening or Uber for Lawn care, already the gardens were left as such for more days, so it can’t continue like that anymore!

Apart from the field staff (gardeners), do you have non-field staff working for your business? If yes, make these staff like dispatchers, Admin staff, and other support staff to work from home.

  • Disinfect your business premises often
  • Disinfect the gardening tools at least once in an hour
  • Ask your field staff to wear gloves, masks, etc.

The aforementioned things can help restore and keep your gardening business up and running even in the post-pandemic world!

What if you do not own a gardening business?

Yes, the ongoing pandemic has disrupted some businesses, but it also opened up the doors for new-gen entrepreneurs to launch their business. How though?!

By leveraging technology in the form of our Clapsy app, the entrepreneurs can create a marketplace for various on-demand services. In this horticulture sector, entrepreneurs can create a marketplace where homeowners and restaurants can connect with professional gardeners.

In this way, you can normalize gardening services especially for busy people and non-gardeners.

Wrapping up

The normalcy is coming back, let it be at whatever the pace, however, the thing is it might come with a new environment and guidelines.

Are you and your business ready to adapt to the change? If yes, contact us now!

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