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Trulia clone

Aggregate online property listings by using Trulia clone

Gone are the days when people would search a lot when they decide to buy a property, let it be for rent or ownership! But now, the real estate apps or websites connect property owners with the buyers in a tech-driven platform leaving no chances for human error. In this blog, we are gonna discuss one such real estate app in the form of Trulia clone, its features & business viability, and so on.

First, what is a property listing? – Trulia Clone

A listing can be denoted in two ways – one is the advert for a property and the agreement that comes along with it. An online listing is an agreement made between a property owner and an online aggregator.

Imagine you are the Online listing aggregator and agree with a property owner. Now the agreement includes;

  • Length of the listing period in your platform.
  • Property owner’s desired sales price (from minimum to maximum).
  • Information on commission for the online aggregator (that is “you”).
  • Usage of information regarding the property.

The online property listing is almost similar to the traditional real estate brokerage but with expanded visibility via mobile app. Moreover, the online property listings could be anything – it can be an open listing or exclusive agency listing, or some other.

How Trulia clone helps in aggregating the listings?

Founded back in 2005, Trulia is an American real estate listings site that bridges the gap between the buyers/renters and the sellers of properties. It has to be said; Trulia has rejuvenated the real estate market in the United States and simplified the rental business process. If building a real estate app is a question of interest for you – then you are on the right page.

Yes, developing a Trulia clone for your real estate business comes with a lot of benefits.

  • With this clone app, you can create a huge database – properties, amenities, Geo-location, and many more.
  • To make your real estate app appealing – Trulia clone comes with tech stacks like Mapkit, Facebook SDK, and so on.
  • Trulia clone helps the first-timers (buyers or sellers) with separate guides for everything.
  • Most importantly the Trulia clone app caters to any market – be it a particular region or country.

As an online aggregator, it is important to publicize your brand through various marketing strategies. And, you have to make property owners understand why it is better to list their property on your platform.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Trulia?

Before jumping on to the development phase, it is vital to determine your service area, doing competitor analysis in that area, and market research. The next thing is design – Choose a Trulia clone script that offers your real estate app an attractive user interface. On average, business analysis & market research might take up to 3 months.

However, moving on to the cost of real estate app development, it includes several factors like,

  • The timeframe of the project,
  • The features you want,
  • Operating platforms and,
  • Whether you are going to develop an MVP or not.

The development cost might vary according to different projects. However, based on the aforementioned factors, you can generate a rough estimate easily for the app.

Features of Trulia clone script

Listings database:

Creating a database can be challenging! Being an online aggregator, you need to build a strong network with real estate agents in and around your region. Moreover, you can identify new listings by getting in regular touch with your local community.

So, you bring in new listings to publicize on your real estate app. Now how do you collate all these?

  • Ask property owners to fill out a digital form.
  • Ensure they upload photos and videos of the property.
  • And, make sure to describe (description) the property in a few words.

Search Engine:

Even a vast database would be meaningless if your Trulia clone script doesn’t have a responsive search engine.

Make sure your real estate app offers tech-driven search functionalities like Location and Filters. With the geolocation feature, the users can start to zero out properties based on their zip code.

Saved properties:

Imagine if a user likes a property while scrolling through your Trulia clone app, he/she can save the particular property for future reference.

Regardless of the need – either for rent or lease or ownership, the users can save any property.

In a nutshell – Trulia clone

If only there was an industry that needed mobile app technology badly, we would say it’s the real estate sector. Earlier, there were a lot of clumsiness – high brokerage fee, illegal properties, and many more. But with the arrival of platforms like Trulia clone, every party involved in buying and selling a property can sense the safe and secure experience.

So, why don’t you make a mark in the real estate sector in your region with the Trulia clone app?

For more information, visit us at Goappx.

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