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Top 5 on-demand services businesses that show adverse impact during this global economic crisis

The COVID-19 continues to curtail the economy across the world as the Governing bodies have imposed complete lockdown to contain the spread. So, to manage the scenario, some companies are doing layoffs, and furloughs to somehow to recover from this global economic crisis. However, not all businesses are suffering due to this pandemic outbreak. Businesses that allow people to follow social distancing measures have caught everyone’s attention and are thriving in this economic crisis. Some of the on-demand services businesses are witnessing positive growth as a result of people staying indoors.

1) Grocery delivery services

When the lockdown was announced during the mid of March in many countries, the people indulged in panic-buying the necessities. So, once the finish using all those, people turned their attention towards on-demand grocery delivery services. You can avail groceries in two ways: one is you can order groceries through the on-demand grocery delivery app and get it delivered at your doorstep while the other way is that you can send someone through Uber for shopping service to get the groceries for you. Though, the latter could come in handy for elderly and disabled persons to get all the necessities during this lockdown.

2) On-demand video streaming

Since the people have been ordered to stay indoors, they’ve started looking for ways to entertain themselves. Well, that’s where the on-demand video streaming comes in handy! According to Nielsen, an American data measurement firm has announced there are substantial increases in streaming in major cities around the United States since the stay-at-home orders were issued. Some of the video-on-demand companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are experiencing increased demand during this coronavirus pandemic.

3) On-demand delivery services

It took a pandemic outbreak to help us realize the importance of personal hygiene. With personal hygiene coming under scrutiny, the hand sanitizers have gained extreme popularity which helps people contain the spread of COVID-19. Apart from that, the disinfecting wipes, the Toilet paper, and the anti-bacterial hand soap are some of the fast-moving things right now through the on-demand pharmacy delivery services.

Since both the restaurants and bars are ordered to close, however, some are still working only for takeout and delivery services. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says, “there is a very likely low risk of spread from food products or packaging”. This statement has arrived as much to the relief of on-demand food delivery service, however, those businesses are asked to follow proper precautions.

So, with proper guidelines issued by the CDC, the on-demand food delivery and on-demand alcohol delivery businesses are generating revenue during this pandemic outbreak. Download the on-demand delivery application and get all the necessities at your doorstep!

4) Doctor on-demand services

Many reports are suggesting that the hospital visits of the non-COVID patients have fallen big time due to the fear that the hospital visits might increase the risk of exposure to germs. That’s where the Doctor’s on-demand app comes in handy where you can use it to schedule an online appointment with a doctor. If you have any medical complaint about some time, just share your medical history with the doctor on-demand and get medicines prescribed through the application. The prescribed medicines could be availed through the on-demand clone application.

5) on-demand cleaning services

The coronavirus has brought back the cleanliness to limelight and it also reinstated the importance of personal as well as home hygiene among the global community. That’s where the on-demand cleaning services come in handy to avoid spreading germs from one space to another. These daily cleaning businesses are also adapting to the different challenges they’re facing in this corona outbreak. One such thing is where they took disinfecting services to a whole new level. Moreover, the cleaning professionals you hire will be using a good quality anti-bacterial spray to clean the entire home, and paying special attention to touchpoints.

How to indulge yourself in these on-demand businesses?

The whole global economy has come to a standstill during this pandemic outbreak! However, the aforementioned businesses are somehow surviving this global economic crisis. That’s largely due to the business model based out on the on-demand mobile applications.

There are numerous entrepreneurs generating revenue through clone applications as it presents the affordable way of launching businesses. Ensure these things before launching your on-demand business;

1) Decide the on-demand industry which you wanna play your trade

2) Choose the best app development company to develop an on-demand mobile application for your business

3) Convey your business requirements to the service providers

4) Either choose an on-demand services clone or on-demand delivery clone as both these businesses have a surging demand during even during this global economic crisis.

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