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Telegram App Clone

Get to know a customizable Telegram app clone that connects people!

Gone are the days when communication was used to be cumbersome leaving people to spend a lot on voice calls. But now, instant messaging apps like Telegram seem to bridge the communication gap for free! Moreover, these messaging apps seem to be multi-purpose that offers high-quality video calls, sending money, shopping, and so on. In this blog, we are going to look into the potential of messaging apps, transforming the telegram app clone into a business model, and so on.

Potential of instant messaging apps – Telegram app clone

The instant messaging concept came into the scene during the mid-1990s, which enabling people to connect in real-time. It was used to be a tool filled with words, but now, it has become a platform with multi-media compatibility like images, videos, GIFs, etc.

The current instant messaging app market is seamless and intuitive. Let us share concrete reasons for that.

  • As of now (2020), the global messaging app market is billion-dollar worth with companies generating about USD 10 per user on average.
  • An instant messaging app could help a lot for businesses – 66% of the consumers want businesses to be active on messaging apps.
  • Rather than social media platforms, instant messaging apps focus a lot on personalized customer engagement.
  • With some customized features for businesses, some of the messaging apps could amass a lot of business users.

Messaging apps are still showing the signs of domination in the communication market; the market trajectory is the real evidence for it! So, investing in messaging app development will be a wiser choice.

Why should you invest in the Telegram app clone?

Speaking about investing, there are many messaging apps like Whatsapp, and WeChat available in the market. However, you might be wondering, why it’s worth investing in an app like Telegram?

  • Quick delivery – The messaging algorithm of the Whatsapp clone is built in such a way to deliver the message in a jiffy!
  • Privacy – Messages sent on the app are subject to safe & security with features like two-factor verification and many more.
  • Group chat – The app clone lets you add as many as 200,000 members possible for a communicative collaboration.
  • No age restriction – Unlike some messaging apps, the telegram app clone lets even people below 18 years of age use the application.

Apart from that, the readymade app clone lets you customize the app with your brand name, logo, and so on. Through seamless customizations, you can allow the users to connect even from remote locations – type and send messages!

A quick run-through – How to develop a telegram app clone?

  • Step 1: Carry out complete market research including target audience analysis
  • Step 2: Determine the right monetization model
  • Step 3: Customize the telegram clone app script and include the features you want
  • Step 4: Find an app development company that better suits your budget.
  • Step 5: If possible, develop an MVP that could be the rehearsal for your full-featured app.

Must-Have Features of Telegram app clone

Amidst the cutthroat competition in the messaging app market, the features of your telegram app clone will decide the success factor of your app. Well, the features are important even for survival let alone success.

Message editing:

We believe messages carry emotions! However, not all could send messages without any spelling mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. For those who often make errors, the “editing” option will be good.

Two-factor verification:

If the users of your telegram clone script found someone is infiltrating his/her account, they can restore it by enabling this verification system. This feature could mitigate data security breaches and safeguard accounts from cloning.

Cloud storage:

Unlike Whatsapp, this often asks its users to back-up the data, the telegram app clone works on cloud storage. So, the users can access the data from anywhere without having to back it up.

Wrapping up

Telegram is becoming a go-to messaging app in some developing markets across the globe. However, developing a telegram app clone for your regional audience with regional language support is available nowhere else.

So, do not let this opportunity vanish and help the people of your region use a messaging app in their language!

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