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Taskrabbit clone

Utilize a platform like TaskRabbit clone to start your on-demand multiservice business

Well, some things we feel like doing while some things we don’t; however, for the latter part, we always have a question: – “Is there any alternative for it?” At this moment, for accomplishing various household chores, we have an option like TaskRabbit clone for various scenarios.

A platform like TaskRabbit clone is not only helpful for customers but also for entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their business.

Why TaskRabbit clone for your multiservice business?

TaskRabbit is a California-based freelance labor marketplace, which allows customers to hire professionals for immediate help. Even though the company was launched in 2008, it began to gain traction only when it launched an app in June 2011. The iOS mobile application enabled iPhone users to hire local helpers for various tasks.

So, before starting your on-demand multiservice business, consider these attributes of developing an app like TaskRabbit.

  • It comes with a variety of options – Handyman services, Cleaning, Moving, and many more.
  • You can integrate reliable service providers through the TaskRabbit clone that comes with built-in authentication and credibility tests.
  • Moreover, the app clone comes with multi-layered encryption that safeguards users’ information.
  • By launching a multiservice business, you can create numerous employment opportunities in and around your locality.

An on-demand services business is all about connecting the customers with the service providers. Well, a platform like TaskRabbit clone automatically assigns the tasks to the nearby service providers.

So, how can you generate revenue? – TaskRabbit clone

Being a demand aggregating platform just like TaskRabbit, your primary job is to match the taskers with the customers. In this multiservice business, you can generate revenue by these sources.


For every booking happening through your On-demand service app, you can earn 10 – 15% in commission. Remember, what we mentioned here is approximate, and the independent service providers (taskers) also hold every right to determine your commission.

Well, apart from that, you can earn on “featured listings” that places some taskers’ profile on top of the search.

Surge pricing:

You would have heard this while taking an Uber or Lyft to move from one place to another. These companies tend to increase prices on specific routes or locations where demand is high. Likewise, in your multiservice business, if you find any of your offerings gains more traction from the customers, you can increase the price (for a short time).


Next up is leveraging the platform itself by creating an ad space, running advertisement campaigns, and so on. Inviting niche-related brands to advertise their products/services could be a perfect idea as other unrelated brands would annoy the users.

Through this feature, you can generate considerable revenue once your platform starts gaining traction from the audience.

Notable features of TaskRabbit clone

For any app-based business, the workflow of the app should be simple and easy-to-use. Well, at the same time, the app should contain appealing features that don’t hinder the app’s workflow. It’s all about finding the right balance between the two!

Here are some of the features of the TaskRabbit clone;

Services dashboard:

This dashboard gives you the option of including as many services as you can! You can diversify the services under categories like Cleaning, Moving, Delivery, Home repair services, and so on.

Imagine this dashboard like the “Home page” of your TaskRabbit clone app from where the customers navigate to what services they want!

Become a service provider:

Like in the TaskRabbit app, you can get this option that allows independent taskers to sign-up easily. However, before they start working,

  • You can charge them a registration fee and,
  • Ask them to verify their eligibility.
  • Make them set their service radius.

Multiple payment options:

Letting your customers pay through their preferred payment mode is a sign of convenient service. In-built payment modes like wallet, Google Pay, Credit/debit cards, PayPal have made the process safe and secure.

How to build a TaskRabbit clone app?

With the increase in the on-demand services economy, many startups and entrepreneurs are vying to make use of the TaskRabbit business model. Well, if you too are interested, we have a readymade TaskRabbit clone that can be launched in a week or two.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

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