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How to Build a Talabat clone?

Given the present global situation, food delivery apps are all the rage. People would rather dine at home than risk their health by dining outside. Consumers buy groceries, order restaurants, and use other services mostly using mobile applications. The explosive growth of smartphone applications is unsurprising. There is no comparison in terms of convenience, comfort, quickness, or availability. Now is the best moment to start working on on-demand service apps. Today, we’ll look at the Talabat clone, which is a popular Food and Grocery delivery app.

What is a Talabat clone?

It is a look-alike platform of the original Talabat app, which is a Kuwait-based online food ordering and delivery company. Over the years, the application has become the largest food delivery company in the Middle East.

Fast forward to today, and Talabat’s app now processes over 100,000 orders each day. Talabat is now a household name throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It has enabled millions of users to order food from the comfort of their own homes with the touch of a button.

If you’re an entrepreneur planning to invest in a business, specifically a food delivery business, employing an app like Talabat should be a wise choice.

Do you wonder how? Let’s dig in!

Why should you go with the Talabat clone?

Talabat’s business model is quite unique offering multi-cuisine availability to the customers (users). Apart from that, there are numerous other factors that make Talabat excel in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.

Some of them are:

Drone delivery (optional)

This is one of the advanced features of this platform helping people in far-away areas get cooked meals at their doorsteps. You can partner with drone technology companies to inculcate delivery drones into your business.

For Talabat, it was the parent company – Delivery Hero that helped with the drone technology!

Multi-platform compatibility

The primary objective of developing a Talabat clone script is to deliver meals to clients at their location. When ordering meals, customers may utilize a variety of platforms, including websites and mobile applications for Android and iOS, so that people can use your app on their preferred platform.

Even if mobile applications are becoming more popular than websites, having a company website is still essential; however, building an app that is compatible with all device screens (PC, mobile, tablets) is still a consideration.

Robust Admin panel

Employing a responsive and strong Admin panel (web) is mandatory for any app-based business. For your Food delivery business, you’ll get necessary features for restaurant management, user management, and so on.

With a customizable Talabat clone, you can monitor the business performance from the panel and review it. Also, you will get analytical reports that will help you to enhance the business.

Key Features of the Talabat clone

Search Filters

An app like Talabat will simplify the food ordering process with user-friendly filters that offer exactly what the customers want.

Real-time tracking

Like every other on-demand app, this feature allows the customer (user) to track the order arriving at the location.

One-Touch ordering

The customizable Talabat clone script saves previous orders under the “Past Orders” section from where the users can order their favorite food on tapping the “Re-order” button.

In-app Chat

This feature enables your customers to get in touch with you regarding any technical queries, and so on.

Third-party integrations

You can integrate useful third-party plug-ins to make your food delivery app a seamless and user-friendly one.

Wrapping up – Talabat clone

Establishing a food delivery business isn’t that easy when you’re a new-gen entrepreneur. You would want a proficient technology in the form of Talabat clone on your side.

If you wish to create a platform like Talabat clone, we have a readymade app (in place for you! Contact us.

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