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Rivigo clone script

Become a notorious consignor in your region with a customizable Rivigo clone script

A consignor is the one who connects carriers with those who have shipping needs. Today’s freight market is rich with opportunities, but ceasing on those depends on how well your business is technologically equipped. The technology here we’re referring to is mobile app development. With countless app clone scripts  available out there, it is essential to figure out the reliable and affordable one. Let’s find out whether the open-source Rivigo clone script could be your go-to technology or not.

Why Rivigo clone script?

Logistics involve the movement of goods from one place to another through air, sea, or land. For an industry that holds a massive significance, not many could minimize the managerial issues within the industry. Take the on-demand truck app, for instance, which incorporated the lucrative on-demand concept into the logistics sector. Rivigo is one such on-demand app that accomplishes every shipping-related need.

Here are some of the benefits of developing an app like Rivigo:

  • It allows you to solve the common material movement needs in your region, let it be for personal use or SMEs or retail purposes, and much more.
  • Using a Rivigo-like app is easy as the technology penetration among truckers will be high. Take the Indian market, for instance, the Smartphone usage has grown multifold during the last three years.
  • With the location-based job allocation, you can ensure the independent truckers do not return empty to their home base.
  • The trucking industry is still fragmented in many countries and chances are that your country’s market might be too. So with a readymade Rivigo clone script, you get a chance to defragment the market in your region.

Instead of being concerned about investing heavily, plan to invest in a Rivigo-like app only and launch your app-based aggregator platform. Remember that not all require a fleet of trucks and physical space to start a freight business.

What about “pit stops” in Rivigo’s business model?

To function as a relay system, the company built a massive network of pit stops. This network covers the entire country of India, with 70 interlaced pit stops and a distance of between 200 and 300 kilometers between each pit stop. A pilot, as the company refers to its drivers, begins his regular route from his home station near his home to the network’s next station. From there, he takes another vehicle back to his home station, while another colleague drives the vehicle to the next station.

If you’re wondering how this idea could help your business, carry on reading…!

  • The Truck drivers need not work for so many hours as the “pit stops” idea eliminates the long business travels.
  • As a result, one can reduce the transit times and increase the productivity of the business.
  • Incorporation of this idea along with technology has chances of disrupting the logistics industry in your region.

Most importantly, reducing the long driving hours directly minimizes the accident rates that happen on highways and some other roads.

Key Features of the Rivigo clone script

  • Real-time tracking – It lets the users (customers) view, track and trace their shipments’ location till it reaches their destinations.
  • Proof of delivery (POD) – One can view and scrutinize the digital POD along with payment mode once the shipment is delivered.
  • Instant booking – An easy-to-use Rivigo clone leverages the mobile device’s location and allows the users to book in a single click.
  • Mobile number login – It provides easy access to the users along with a one-time password (OTP).
  • Analytics – It conglomerates all the data and helps the business owners in decision-making.


Getting into the freight industry takes either industry experience or proficient technology. If you don’t have the necessary expertise, you can still procure a readymade Rivigo clone script and customize it to launch your app-based aggregator business.

That’s all we had to say. To proceed further, visit our truck booking app page or contact us immediately!

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