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Redfin clone

Get a no-frills Redfin clone to technologize your real estate business

Digitization of real estate, a few years ago, seemed inessential. That’s because the real estate sector usually perceived as old-fashioned, frozen, and on-field work nature. But now, as the demand for properties increase, there is a growing need for existing real estate businesses to digitize their operations to deal with the demand. Not only property search but the majority of product/service search happens online. Why because is, one in every two own a Smartphone these days. Let’s find out how crucial the Redfin clone is, its features & functionalities, and much more.

Redfin Clone – A new façade for Digital Era

Buying/selling a property can be challenging, to say the least. Even if the buyers/sellers know various real estate agents, they don’t take that route. Instead, they prefer maneuvering through property listing applications and land the house they wish!

While there is no substitute for touring a house (in person), but still, a platform like Redfin clone offers a leg up for the buyers/sellers. The access to time-saving features, floor plans, and details of the properties can help enhance the property-search experience of the users.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Redfin clone to entirely digitize your real estate business:

Brings Added value

Leveraging the Redfin-like app bestows added value on the real estate sector, let it be for business owners, buyers, or sellers. Characteristics like time-saving, good performance, and better user experience can be helpful for the business.

Imagine a buyer has to drive down certain miles to visit a property and then make a decision. However, with the help of Redfin’s virtual visit, he/she does not have to spend much time and energy in the property search.

 Expansion of Boundaries

The arrival of new technologies pushes the business limits further and helps the owners a lot. Procuring the Redfin clone is literally like “Uberizing” the real estate sector in your region, which means, the users in the sector regularly demand innovation and new technology.

Apart from that, digitization pushes the limits beyond your usual business boundaries. As a result, you can grow your business with robust technology at your disposal!

Incurs affordable cost

The most common fear among people on digitization is that it might incur a lot of cost/investment. It is true only when you develop a real estate application from the scratch. Or else, when you leverage the customizable Redfin clone script, you do not want to invest much.

Most importantly, the development process takes only up to a few weeks so that you can digitize your business without much idle time!

Salient Features of the Redfin app script

As the headline implies, we have a basic and essential Redfin clone at our disposal. For an existing business, we think the basic version will perform well along with these features:

Instant Notifications

With the Redfin clone app, you get an application with the most accurate real estate data (listings). Moreover, with its smart algorithm, the users get notified instantly whenever a new property hits the market.

Home Search

Let the users customize their property search through filters like price, condos, townhouses, and much more. Moreover, the users can search for properties nearby specific schools and colleges.

Virtual Tour

The most prominent feature of the Redfin clone script, which allows users to zero in on their favorite properties virtually. Apart from the single-handed view, the users can also specify group view (if needed).

In-App chat

Imagine while maneuvering through a property, if any doubt arises, the users can resolve it through instant communication. He/she can communicate with the property owner at any time!

Wrapping up

Remember that the Redfin clone has numerous use cases, apart from digitizing your business. One of which is generating revenue through video advertisements. Most app-based startups have utilized this revenue model in order to enhance their revenue streams. Also find our page on Realtor clone

Well, that’s all we had to say! Drop us a line if you wish to proceed further.

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