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Realtor Clone

Realtor Clone: The Real Estate App That Helps you Take Online Route

While businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from an online presence, the significance of digitization of the real estate industry can’t be overstated. According to the National Association of Realtors, almost 77% of real estate agents use dedicated mobile applications for closing deals. What does that mean is the mobile application is an absolute goldmine for the real estate industry in the upcoming days. Of course, that’s assuming you have a solid app idea and aren’t just winging it. What if you don’t have? Let’s find out how a readymade Realtor clone could be helpful for your business, its features, and much more.

Integrating the MLS into Realtor Clone

Known as Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a vast database of homes and properties that real estate agents make use of. If you’re an experienced agent, you would have known this (by now!). Take the United States, for instance, where it’s been considered as the “Wikipedia” for real estate agents.

The real estate agents who take the online route utilize this richest source of information. How though? They leverage the API (Application Programming Interface) to pull the data from various sources. If you wonder what an API is, it is nothing but a set of rules that facilitates the interaction between applications.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating the MLS data into your real estate app:

A simple development process

The MLS data from third-party sources help you keep improvising and integrate the code components into the software. For this reason, employing a Realtor clone script might help you pull data easily. As a result, integrating the property info from across the region will be easier.

Fast Updates

We guess you will be marketing your real estate app with assurances like swift and real-time property updates. However, it will be impossible if you choose against the integration of MLS data into your app. Why because is the MLS sources can guarantee fast and live updates. Thus, real-time listings are inevitable in any real estate app.


Some APIs for real estate online services are available for free. Even if you utilize the premium ones, it will be far less expensive than keeping all of the data on your server. Meanwhile, you’ll need a software engineer to incorporate the MLS API into your app and assure correct server-side functionality.

Wonder, why should you choose Realtor clone?

In this digital era, there are lots of clone app scripts over the Internet. However, the Realtor-like app comes with business scopes, particularly after the vast digitization of the real estate industry.

Let us enlist the perks of choosing the Realtor clone and make it as simple as possible for your business.

  • Engaging process – Mobile apps may help you create a more engaging sales experience for your customers, giving them an outstanding effect that may help you stand out from the crowd and increase sales.
  • Better communication – A smart app like Realtor clone can establish improved and faster communications with potential customers so that it can turn them into quality leads.
  • Virtual tour – It is one of the most prominent features of the Realtor clone. This feature is quintessential for a real estate app, because, according to the National Association of Realtors report, this feature accounts for almost 70% of the property sales.

Looking at the competitive real estate market and how people perceive mobile applications, procuring the customizable Realtor clone script is a vital investment that a real estate agent or company should do.

Key Features of  The Clone

The primary goal of developing a Realtor clone app is to draw the attention of users and make the buying or selling process easier.

However, taking the competition into account, you need to deploy a unique set of features into your app to stand apart from the rest. Let’s take a look at what the Realtor-like app has in its store:

Real-time alerts

Once the user has signed up with the app, the app algorithm notifies the users with real-time price updates, new listings, and much more. The exciting fact of the Realtor clone script is that the property listings get updated every 10 or 15 minutes.

Mortgage calculator

Are the customers running on lack of funds? You can partner with private/government banks to arrange loans for them. This “calculator” feature allows the customers to check mortgage rates and taxes for their desired properties.


You can’t just imagine a real estate app without this feature. Integrating maps in the app can help you provide loads of valuable information to end-users.

With this feature, you can allow the customers to search for the properties, location-wise information, nearby schools & amenities, nearby entertainment parks, and much more.

Noise Layer Map

Most of us don’t prefer our neighborhood noise levels exceeding our comfort zone. Imagine while moving to a new area, one can’t ask their neighbors about the average noise levels straightaway. For this reason, we’ve deployed a heat map of neighborhood sound levels. By viewing this, the customers can ascertain whether the noise levels stay within their comfort zone.


As you now understand, a reliable Realtor clone can help real estate companies or real estate agents to grow their businesses. You just need to ascertain your target market and analyze the competitors.

Of course, you have to hire a technology partner to build your ideal real estate application. And if you’re wondering what our portfolio looks like, read our Trulia clone article before having a look at our website.

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