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Become an online delivery partner with our Postmates Clone mobile application

Become an online delivery partner with our Postmates Clone mobile application

   Since the rise of mobile apps technology, Humans way of living has changed a lot with each of its innovation and growth. Where the smartphones changed its use from an ordinary communication device to a multilevel supercomputer that could do anything and become our personal assistant for all our daily needs. Without mobile applications, this cannot be possible at all.

   Uber has paved the way for using mobile apps for daily on demand services, where the trend was massively successful not just with the on demand taxi booking service but it never stopped there. On demand mobile apps started to flood the mobile application market with a solution for all the human needs like Food Delivery application, Taxi booking application and other on demand services. Now its time for the Courier industry to experience this change with GoAppX’s one of the class-leading delivery service applications Easy Picker (Postmates Clone) with its market-first features and trendy software to be customized for any other on demand delivery system.

   EasyPicker is built entirely with a thought of making our client one of the leading online delivery providers with features that no other could offer and making it one of the most affordable and reliable mobile applications for choosing has an online delivery partner.

   Our Postmates clone application is 100% customizable from UI to UX where the whole application modified and rebranded completely upon the requirement of our client. With features embarking the new list of easy ways in sending and receiving goods or any other deliverable items without any stress from one location to another location.

   FeatureFul, Easy Picker is excellent on-demand delivery application model covering almost all the possible features and functionalities that could be part of an on demand delivery application to make it one of the finest delivery applications globally with highly competitive pricing compared to the counterparts with much lesser features.

   Safety and security, Easypicker is entirely built natively for Android and iOS applications making it more secure from cyber theft and any other online fraudster activities.

Addons, As I mentioned in the previous context Easypicker is a 100% customizable mobile application with extremely flexible script code also highly secure. We can be able to add or remove any feature or functionality from the application with our ease.

   Currently the application has already covered all the possible feature list like addons like Insurance for goods, extra packaging based on the item, highly secure payment transfers, multiple items delivery, multiple location pickup, and delivery, Code scanners, highly effective tracking system for backend admin and also for the Users.

GoAppX has gone ahead of all our competitors to offer an edging 6 months of free support and maintenance for our Easypicker application with extensive support

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