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periscope clone app

Make use of growing online gaming battles through the live-streaming app with your Periscope clone

Fortnite. FIFA series. First-person shooter games. Well, do you think these games are only for entertainment? If you do, you’re wrong! Have you heard about live streaming?

Live game streaming is a trend that allows gaming enthusiasts to broadcast their gameplay to millions of viewers. More importantly, by doing so, these live game streamers generate revenue!

Are you an ardent gamer? It can be a tedious task of having proper streaming set up. However, you can leverage the Periscope clone app to go live straight from your mobile device!

How to become a game streamer with the Periscope clone app?

Let us share about how to become good at live game streaming with the help of a Periscope clone.

  • Get the Easy Live app from us!
  • Then, select your preferred stream quality
  • Now, choose a game you want to stream

(Note: Pick a game that not only is popular but also engages your viewers)

  • Consistency–To be a good streamer, try to show up regularly with good content.
  • Customization –Live streaming is not just only about streaming! With the live streaming clone script, you can embellish your stream with animated logos, banners, etc.
  • Incentivize subscribers –Well, gaining the subscribers might take so time. But if you manage to do, give away some gift cards, and in-app purchases to retain the subscribers.

How can you make money with live game streaming?

Imagine a game enthusiast loves a particular game, he tries his level best in the game. However, he couldn’t after a certain stage! Now, being a game streamer, you can leverage the mobile live-streaming app to guide him on how to master the game.

Let us share some of the ways you can generate revenue with this live game streaming.

As an entrepreneur:

  • In-app advertisements – Developing your live streaming app lets you generate revenue from various sides. One such is deploying in-app advertisements!
  • Paid-app version – Launching the paid-app versions means the users want to pay for availing of some features.

As a streamer:

  • Subscription fee – Streamers who have enough followers on the Periscope clone app can charge a fee and let them enjoy special features!
  • Tournament earnings – The rewards you earn on winning the game tournaments also add to the revenue.
  • Donations – Apart from all these, viewers can donate something to any streamer they like!

Are you entrepreneur-cum-streamer? By using the social share plugin, you can post your videos on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In this way too, you can generate revenue!

What the future holds for live game streaming?

Yes, we all love live sporting events. But with the ongoing pandemic and continual lockdowns, most of the people are confined to their homes. And, even though live sporting events have started now (behind closed doors), the online video games were the companion for people during the lockdown.

Mobile devices are one of the ways the live game streaming will develop over the following years. According to Streamlabs, there were approximately 480 thousand active streamers, as of in June 2019. With the incessant increase in smartphones, the craze for mobile live streaming apps will only grow!

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