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OYO clone script

Use the OYO clone script to start a hotel booking business

We all have been hearing this term since the applications like Airbnb, Trivago, and OYO started getting relevant. In fact, hotel booking is one facet of the hospitality industry. It matches the demand and supply through the mobile application. From luxury hotels to budget hotels and hostels, online booking caters according to every customer’s needs. Are you planning to start such a business? It can be intimidating to select a system when there are many available out there. Let’s find out whether the OYO clone script could be a reliable system for your business, its features, and much more.

Why Should You Choose OYO Clone Script?

We guess you might already know what the OYO is! Well, in case if you didn’t…! It is an Indian hotel booking application that allows users to book hotel stays in their favorite tourist destinations. These reservation systems can give hotel operators extra tools in addition to allowing customers to book straight online.

More travelers rely on online hotel booking applications to book their accommodations in entirely new tourist destinations. If you haven’t sensed it yet, you’re losing something significant!

Other reasons to consider investing in the OYO Rooms clone include:

Top Tech trends

Information technology is becoming a part of the numerous non-tech businesses too. The hotel booking is something that was made in-person at the hotel receptions. However, people want to leverage the technology, book accommodations, and even check-in from their smartphones.

If you wish to develop a technologically enriched application, employing an OYO-like app will be a wise choice. Take the OYO Rooms clone, for instance, which offers the latest technology trends that you would love to have in your hotel booking application.

One of the coolest tech trends within the OYO-like app is virtual reality (VR). You can use VR to let people experience what their rooms look like before booking them.

Digitization is the “new” normal.

Traditionally, the hospitality industry is known for its face-to-face interactions between the hotel staff and guests. The ongoing pandemic (COVID-19), however, is changing all that.

As the hospitality industry recovers from the pandemic disruptions, the operators have understood the significance of digital channels. Digitizing the business ensures that every customer – regardless of their location – is connected to the organization around the clock.

If you wish to enter the hospitality sector now, employing a fully functional app will be the best possible way.

Affordable clone solution – OYO clone script

The perks of getting the OYO clone script are many: one of which is its affordable nature. Even when you load with numerous features, you get the OYO-like app at an inexpensive cost. Apart from that, you get to enjoy the endless customizations which let you modify the script at any time!

We, at GoAppX, provide you with the feature-loaded OYO clone app to bolster your app-based business.

Exciting Features of the OYO Rooms clone script

Contactless check-in

In a bid to comply with social distancing norms, our OYO clone comes with the “contactless check-in” feature that allows the customers (users) to check-in right from the application.

Multiple payment options

This feature gives the users a hassle-free experience in the payment section through multiple options like PayPal, Master Card, American Express, and much more.


It lets the users compare the available options and choose the “Best” as per their preferences. Our astute OYO Rooms clone comes with various options that help them to compare.

Booking management

This feature helps the hotel (or) property owners to manage the income bookings on the go. Our easy-to-use Admin panel (web) will simplify everything for you to coordinate with the hotel operations.


Utilize our OYO clone’s multi-language support to cater to the global audience in their regional language. If you plan to start local, this feature might help deploy an application in your regional language.

Act immediately! – OYO clone script

Yes, we don’t ignore the fact that the hospitality industry is the worst affected due to the pandemic. However, there is also the fact that the industry is slowly reclaiming its shape. If you ever wish to launch a digitized business in this sector, the perfect time is now!

With the right OYO clone script, starting a hotel booking business can be quick and trouble-free.

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