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on-demand video streaming app clone

launch your on-demand video streaming app clone

Live video streaming is about sending video over the Internet in real-time, without first being recorded and stored. Gone are the days when there were no options left other than live streaming websites. But now, even a low-budget Smartphone has a complete streaming setup! However, in some cases, using a live video streaming app comes with criteria! Take YouTube to live streaming, for instance, you can’t go live unless you have at least some subscribers. So, having your on-demand video streaming app clone might help you and others go live even without any subscriber!

Wondering, how to go about it? Here’s how.

The reasons to launch on-demand video streaming app clone

The process of launching a live video streaming app involves finding out the reasons for it! It’s not like developing an app just for the sake of doing it, a concrete reason would back up whatever actions you take.

Well, here are some reasons for launching a live video streaming app.

  • Market demand: Anyone will launch any product/service only if there is a demand for it.

Regarding the live video streaming, the industry is expected to be valued at USD 185 billion by 2027 (source: TechJury).

From the Statistic mentioned above, there is a demand for live video streaming, for sure! Now, let’s move on to the next reason.

  • Convenience: People prefer to go live from wherever they prefer, and whenever they want! Moreover, no one wants to see advertisements while using the app.

Well, we guess the on-demand video streaming app clone offers convenience like mentioned above. Apart from the user convenience,

  • Latest Trends: From traditional streaming set up to streaming from mobile, live video streaming has evolved over the years. And, with features like Screen sharing, Donation system, and hosting other streams, it continues to evolve!

We hope, by now, you would have got the concrete reasons for building a live video streaming app.

How to go about live video streaming app development?

Right then, you have concretely determined on why to launch the app. Now, let’s move on to the “How” part of it!

Determine your niche:

Finalizing the niche you want to develop your live video streaming app for is vital! Well, many niches are vying for live video streaming platforms. Some of the major you can consider are:

  • Gaming – The demand for live streaming in online gaming is massive! Both ardent gamers and viewers can make the most out of it. Most importantly the gamers can monetize their streams!
  • Education – The recent spike of online classes due to the COVID-19 has accelerated live streaming’s demand. So, why can’t you consider developing an app for it?
  • Fitness – Like the education sector, the COVID-19 has fueled up the need for online fitness platforms. And, it’s not gonna stop! The live streaming fitness market is set to grow.

Target audience research:

Imagine you are going to a supermarket, there you navigate to the “energy drink” section, where you don’t have your regular/favorite brand, however, you have other brands, would you prefer the alternative? Well, we guess, the majority of us wouldn’t!

Likewise, in the live video streaming app market, getting to know about the target audience and catering according to their preferences is vital.

Well, one user might want “data saver” in the app while others would want a good UI/UX design that will never spoil the streaming experience.

In a nutshell

If you have read thus far, we are sure that you have decided to launch an on-demand video streaming app clone that would solve streaming issues not only for you but for everyone!

Now, move on to choose an app development company for that.

If you have any queries regarding that, contact us today!

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