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The coronavirus outbreak has done for disinfecting services what Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta: it has made that relevant again. The COVID-19 outbreak has instilled the importance of disinfecting services in everyone’s mind. With life returning to normalcy slowly in a few countries, it has become necessary for organizations to protect the safety of their employees in the workplace. Not only in workplaces but also to disinfect homes and public areas, the demand for disinfection services is huge.

In this article, let’s dig the disinfecting services deep, the reasons people should opt for these services, and as an entrepreneur, how can you capitalize on the demand?!

Why should people opt for disinfection services?

Even though people themselves can clean their facility, but only the trained professionals know how to handle disinfectants on-demand. And, if required, the fumigation process will be done by those professionals with the utmost care. Improper use of fumigants and exposure to them can be harmful to humans. That’s why opting for professional disinfecting services makes sense! The use of certified disinfectants is as important as deploying certified professionals! By opting for a cleaning company, people get to witness their frequently-touched surfaces, either in the workplace or home, virus-free.

For business owners, by opting for disinfecting services, they can give their customers and staff peace of mind and a virus-free touchpoint. What was started as a person-to-person transmission, now many cases have emerged from contaminated surfaces-to-person as the reports suggest that the coronavirus can remain viable for hours to days on these surfaces. The CDC – an American health institute explains, “Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for the prevention of COVID-19”.

Is there really a demand?

Even during the global lockdown, companies that specialize in disinfection services have been termed as essential businesses. Since then, the majority of these businesses have seen a spike in inquiries from schools, gyms, and offices to deep-clean and disinfect the facilities. Take TLC cleaning – a company in Wisconsin, USA, the company has been witnessing an uptick in demand overall. Matt Hansen – the owner of this company says, “We’re more focused on companies than residential homes. They (businesses) are open so they want to make sure their services, bathrooms, lockers, and everything else is clean”.

How to capitalize on the demand?

Are you looking to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity? Well, at this point, starting your disinfection services business is a golden opportunity. Numerous reports suggest that the demand for cleaning and disinfecting services will be there even beyond the COVID-19.

Gone are the days when people would have to download multiple apps for various services. Nowadays, with the help of an on-demand services app clone, the users could book various services through just a single app. However, before developing your app, conduct market research, and know more about your target audience. This way you can determine the features in your app and the various types of cleaning services.

Hiring well-trained professionals matter a lot! While hiring, make sure the professionals comply with the guidelines of the business and ensure you procure certified disinfectants for the cleaning process.

If you’re looking to start a disinfection services business, the best way to get started is by using a UrbanClap clone app. It contains scripts that code for features just like the actual UrbanClap app.


Make your mark in an essential, recession-resilient sector with the UrbanClap clone app. The COVID-19 outbreak is like nothing we’ve experienced, and you have the golden opportunity to combat the virus along with your community!

If you want us to be the impetus of your entrepreneurial venture, feel free to contact us.

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