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Keep your car health under check during this lockdown by hiring the on-demand car mechanic service

Well, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has kept the global community at a standstill! During unprecedented times like these, not only the social distancing and self-quarantine matters but the essential repair of the cars also matters! Even though in certain countries, the facilities that maintain and repair cars are considered “essential” services, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some car owners fear to step out of their homes!

Covid-19: How to get your car repaired at your comfort?

Whatever your need is, either it is an oil change or an engine rebuild or a general overhaul, much of that can be solved by hiring an on-demand car repair service at your home!

Our on-demand services app connects car owners with experienced car technicians.

This is how you can hire on-demand car mechanic service through our Clapsy app;

  • Sign-up into our Clapsy app. You can use mail ID or mobile number or social media credentials!
  • Select your car model
  • Select the type of service needed
  • Get the price quote for the opted service
  • Schedule the service
  • The on-demand car mechanic reaches your location
  • Once the service completed, make payment via the app.

We’ve built our app in a way that allows only experienced car mechanics to register in the app. Moreover, upon receiving a request, our Clapsy app matches your work with a car mechanic who has the right set of skills. Embracing technology is what makes the mobile auto service work for car owners, the technician, and the entrepreneurs.

What?!! Entrepreneurs? Yes, you heard it right! The entrepreneurs can enter this mobile auto service industry with the Uber for Car mechanic app.

Uber for car mechanics startups

The demand for automobile repair and mechanical work is high, however, on-demand car mechanics are finding it hard to get work! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your business, why not connect the demand with the right set of skills through Uber for car mechanics app?! You can bring mechanics on-demand to register in your app and help them expand their business. Moreover, the car owners can get access to skillful mechanics at any place at any time through just a few clicks on your app. For every booking made through your app, as an app owner, you’ll earn through commissions!

3 ways to make a successful Uber-like app for car mechanic service

1) Develop an Uber for car repair app with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. When a car owner uses your app, you make sure that he/she gets all services like oil changes to tune-ups to brake jobs from your application!

2) With your well-developed app, you can bridge the gap between the car owners and mechanics who need jobs. Not only you develop an app, but you also build a professional platform without having to invest in the infrastructure

3) Develop a feature-rich app! As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to determine the must-have features that enhance the user experience.

Some of the must-have features…

We have curated some of the crucial features that you can consider while developing an Uber for car mechanics app;

  • Transparent pricing
  • Live tracking
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Type of car repair service
  • Profile of the car mechanics
  • Schedule a service
  • In-app messaging
  • Ratings and Reviews.

Remember that, you can’t develop a successful UrbanClap clone app by ignoring these basic and must-have features! Not only these features will help the car owners, but it also makes your app stand apart from the competitors.

Well, not only our Clapsy app offers car mechanic service, but it also offers 15+ various on-demand services! The users can get various services delivered at their doorstep, whereas, the entrepreneurs get a chance to generate revenue from various dimensions.

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