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Nextbike clone

Readymade Nextbike Clone Lets You Launch a E-scooter Start-up

Everything around us is changing as a result of technological advancements. Transportation is one of the industries that are most affected. There are several options; our forms of transportation have evolved in tandem with technological advancements. Technology has transformed our travel arrangements, from the invention of the wheel through the invention of the motor engine. As the industry is starting to gain attention, tech enthusiasts have come up with a formidable solution. A readymade Nextbike clone is the solution that helps you save time, nature, and money.

Let’s dig in.

Is Electric Scooter a viable business idea?

Yes, it is!

It isn’t mandatory to own a fleet of Escooter. Instead, you develop a mobile app and partner with independent Escooter owners to help the people rent those for transportation.  In our view, even though electric scooters come with a few disadvantages, it is fact that they provide an eco-friendly transportation option in metropolitan cities. Moreover, renting these E-scooters are cheap compared to an Uber ride as well. All these combinedly make the Escooter an interesting choice for business now. However, it is quintessential to find a clone script that suits your business requirements.

How does the Nextbike clone generate revenue?

Launching an Escooter startup doesn’t stop with just developing a mobile application. It involves arranging the fleet to scooters, deciding the business model, and determining the revenue model. As the Nextbike clone script offers freedom in deciding the business model, it also provides a variety of choices for the revenue-generating model.

To keep your business up and running, you will need to figure out the multiple revenue-generating streams. If you could not, do not worry. however, The Nextbike-like app offers you these:

Monetizing the Ad spaces:

A customizable Nextbike clone always comes with Ad spaces that you can sell and make money. You can invite local businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, brokerages, etc., however, to place their video advertisements and publicize their products/services via your platform.

Offering VIP memberships:

Let the users enroll under VIP memberships and enjoy the premium features. For that, you must deploy some unique and exceptional features in your application to persuade users to subscribe to it. The memberships can vary depending on a monthly, yearly, or weekly basis.

Rewarding the Regulars:

However – Provide your Regular users with exciting promo codes, discounts, and much more to sustain them. And, you can induct a referral program into the Nextbike clone to multiply your business revenue. however,  All these strategies will help you generate revenue consistently!

Key Features of The Nextbike clone script

Yes, there are no standard rules for developing your Escooter application; however, you must serve your audience with all the essential features. In this section, you’ll learn about the vital features of the Nextbike-like app.

Barcode Scanner

This feature helps the commuters (users) to unlock an Escooter by scanning the QR code on it. Even when there are a lot of Escooter applications, an easy-to-use Barcode scanner is the most common feature among them. However This feature enables keyless locking/unlocking of an Escooter.

In-app payments

A customizable Nextbike clone script has built-in payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and much more. This feature helps your accept cashless payments from your customers.

Google Maps Integration

This function helps users to locate a nearby e-scooter. Even the Google Maps API is commonly used by Android applications. However the MapKit framework may be used by e-scooter app developers to display nearby scooters on iOS devices.

Push Notifications

Push notifications may be used to notify users about discounts, special events, and suggested routes. Even this function is available on iOS devices via the Apple Push Notification Service. Read more on On-Demand Services Clone

What Should I do now?

However E-Global Escooter market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2020 to 2030. You can embark on this growing market and kick-start your entrepreneurial venture. however,  equipping your venture with a reliable Nextbike clone will attract more users and generate more revenue.

We drive you to your dream venture with our affordable mobile app development solutions. However you can contact us at any time!

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