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MyTaxi clone

Leverage the MyTaxi clone and launch an all-electric taxi startup

Almost every industry tends to witness a trend that indicates the future trajectory. While speaking about the mobility industry, it’s impossible not to notice the strides of electric vehicles. One could see them everywhere – scooters to electric mopeds and rental bikes. Apart from their proficiency, their eco-friendly nature seems to be an instant hit. From the business POV, these electric vehicles seem to be a viable business option for entrepreneurs. Take the on-demand taxi market, for example, where the Taxi companies are investing heavily to leverage electric vehicles. Let’s find how the readymade MyTaxi clone could help in your all-electric startup, its features, and much more.

MyTaxi clone – Why use a fleet of electric vehicles?

In this digital age, you might have come across a taxi application at least once in your lifetime. So, you already know what an on-demand taxi application is and we don’t want to elaborate on that!

However, electric vehicles (EVs) seem to be an interesting industry trend as they are silent, emission-free, and require far less maintenance. They also benefit from fresh improvements in electronics and batteries, whereas the fossil-fuel automobile is an established technology with little possibility for development.

Here are some of the benefits of using electric vehicles (in general):

  • Due to the smaller ecological footprint, electric vehicles seem to be a viable option for mobility.
  • According to Bloomberg, electric vehicles could account for 60% of the total mobility resources.
  • Like fuel-based taxis, electric vehicles could easily adapt to the technologies like GPS tracking, remote connectivity, and much more.
  • Moreover, in this lucrative gadget world, EVs seem to be an instant hit among gadget enthusiasts.

Most importantly, deploying a fleet of electric vehicles reduces the emission of greenhouse gases in metropolitan cities.

MyTaxi clone: Enhances Your all-Electric startup

The “on-demand” concept came first in the taxi industry, where it’s been path-breaking. It’s based on a simple idea: people can hire taxis on-demand with just a few clicks on the mobile application.

It’s easy to know why it’s a successful business model; rather than owning a fleet of EVs outright, it allows the entrepreneurs to start a business with just a mobile application. When a mobile app holds such importance, one has to utilize an app that is reliable and proficient.

Here are some of the benefits of a readymade MyTaxi clone that can pay huge dividends:

Intuitive UI/UX

Having an easy-to-use design and secure algorithm is vital to make the customers feel secure. As long as MyTaxi’s users complete the taxi booking without an interruption, it’s all good. In layman’s terms, uninterrupted usage of the application is primarily due to a better and intuitive UI/UX.

Understanding your users is the first step in creating an intuitive design. You must determine what is intuitive for them.

Secure Payments data

Once you have a rider’s card data, all future payments are possible without it. You hold the responsibility to safeguard the rider’s card and payment details.

When your brand image is at stake, employing a customizable MyTaxi clone script helps in the safe and secure storage of payment data. An app like MyTaxi stores and safeguards its payment data in robust and unmalleable servers. This means that the servers first authorize the card to make sure it’s a legitimate request and the data are correct.


Owning a fleet of electric vehicles isn’t easy. However, with the help of the MyTaxi-like app, you can launch the EV startup without actually owning it. Leveraging the MyTaxi clone is better than developing an app from scratch. That’s because these clone apps are readymade and affordable. With just a few customizations, your taxi application will be ready to launch.

Key Features That Make MyTaxi Clone One Of A Kind

Now that we have the pieces, let’s try and put the puzzle altogether.

The state-of-the-art technology is already here, it already works, and it already is being utilized. The taxi startups will benefit a lot from such technology, MyTaxi clone script, which helps the entrepreneurs to ply their trade in the taxi industry easily.

Here are some of the vital features of the MyTaxi app:

Charging Point Locator

This feature helps the taxi drivers find nearby charging points. With the use of built-in Google maps, they will be able to locate the points. Upon locating, they can drive down to that place to charge their vehicles.

Location Tracking

The users (riders) will be able to track the taxi drivers arriving at the pick-up location. Apart from them, the business owner can also utilize this feature to track their drivers.

Availability toggle

By enabling or disabling this toggle button, the taxi driver will be able to indicate their availability to the users.

Multiple Payment modes

An app like MyTaxi comes with built-in payment options like credit/debit cards, eWallet, and much more. Moreover, you can customize the clone script and include more options whenever you can!

Push Notifications

As a business owner, you deserve the right to send marketing pitches and customized offers to the riders through this feature. You can also use this to resolve customer-related queries. Find more on Bolt app clone

Act now!

We weren’t able to explore in-depth the potential of electric vehicles (EVs) as a business model. However, we hope you have an overview of its significance, its future prospects, and its requirements. As a clone app development company, we’re ready to help you in developing the MyTaxi clone and maneuvering it forward.

If you want us to be the instigator of your entrepreneurial journey, feel free to contact us.

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