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How mobile apps could dominate all businesses globally by 2025?

The Smartphone userbase has been growing exponentially across the globe! According to Global Web Index – a London based market research company, almost 95% of Gen Z is glued to smartphones, where the engagement with apps play a major part. The use of mobile apps has become an integral part of daily lives – either it can be communicating, playing games, taking time off the work to listen to music, and much more!

For this reason, businesses try to leverage mobile apps to reach their customers! Well, it makes sense? Isn’t it?

Why invest in mobile apps?

The mobile presence of your business is mandatory to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. The business who understood this indulges in app development, as a result, the enterprise demand for mobile software development is on the rise every year! According to a survey from Contract IQ, almost 45% of the businesses already have an app while 35% of the businesses are in the process of building one.

There are many reasons why businesses should invest in mobile apps, here are a few;

1) To build brand awareness

Gone are the days when businesses used to publicize their brand via television ads, newspapers, and advertisements. Nowadays, with the help of mobile apps, businesses could regularly communicate with the target audience thereby creating brand awareness.

However, it’s up to the businesses to bring back the users to your app at regular intervals because the more a consumer is exposed to your brand, the higher the chances of purchase!

2) Enhance brand loyalty

Not only the mobile apps for businesses help create brand awareness, but it also helps to obtain loyal customers for your brand. Richer the user experience, valuable the product/service to the customers plays a major role in enhancing brand loyalty.

Well, during the mobile software development process, deploy a good loyalty program that rewards your users and by wishing on their birthdays, you can make them feel like, you value them personally!

3) To stay afloat

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost every industry has become competitive. So, a mobile app for businesses will help you at least stay afloat in this market. Indulging in mobile app development is surely a way of staying relevant in your industry.

These mobile apps offer a chance to stand out from their competitors by providing an appealing and engaging environment. If you apply brakes on the process, chances are that you’ll be left behind in your industry. So, act quickly and choose an ideal app development company to develop a mobile app!

Mobile app trends to look out for…!

Are you thinking about launching your business? Well, digitizing your startup with a mobile app right from the word go has to be the smart move!

Let’s take a look at some of the unique app ideas and trends that are going to dominate the upcoming years;

Not everyone could go out and purchase groceries for cooking! So, for people like those, grocery delivery apps come in as a saving grace. With the best mobile app script, you could launch your grocery delivery business and let the users order groceries and get it delivered at their doorstep.

With the TikTok app gaining huge popularity, the market for short-video making apps is embracing numerous entrepreneurs. Well, if you prefer to hit this niche, choose the ideal TikTok clone app script and who knows? It could be the next TikTok in your region.

Last but not least, it’s a known fact that smartphone users nowadays prefer to consume video content more than any other form of content! For this, investing in a mobile live-streaming app will be a smart move. You can let users of your app broadcast any occasion in real-time and the business owners to leverage live streaming to interact with their target audience.

Well, the aforementioned things are just the market trends (as of now) in the mobile app development industry. However, if you’re already functioning in a niche, it’s important to come up with a unique idea regarding that niche.


Regardless of niche, using a mobile app for business has numerous perks. However, it’s important to stay updated with the newest technologies to add ore remove features according to the market trends. Upon finalizing your app idea, choosing an app development company is the next thing.

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