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Meesho clone app

Start an online reselling business with the Meesho clone app

Reselling, does it sound like a whole-new term or what? But it doesn’t! Take Vegetables, for instance, it moves past three stages approximately from the farm to table, of which a reseller is the one who purchases vegetables from farmers and sells them to retailers. The same concept applies in eCommerce too, where a reseller purchase products in bulk, establish an online marketplace, and sell them either to retailers or to end customers. Reselling the products online has become an instant hit with the arrival of the Meesho clone app, particularly in the subcontinent market.

Why Meesho clone app for your business?

Gone are the days when people need to work hard to earn some money. But now, with a range of technological advancements, people with a strong Internet connection and a laptop (optional) could earn money even from the home! Yes, through online reselling apps, anyone can start reselling the products with an added margin.

Leave the customer POV aside, now what a reselling app like the Meesho clone app means for you, as an entrepreneur?

  • You can bring in small stores and individuals from your region to the app, who wants to sell their products and make money.
  • Since it’s a marketplace business, there’s not much investment required apart from developing a mobile app!
  • The clone app allows sellers from every niche – Art, apparel, fashion, food, toys, and so on.
  • The platform offers social reselling options for SMEs – Reselling through Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on.

The demand-supply framework is always high in the market; however, there aren’t many platforms for both buyers and sellers to indulge in trade. So, that opens up the doors for reselling apps, which creates an online marketplace! Are you feeling like plunging in?

How can you make money with the Meesho clone app?

Creating a marketplace, facilitating the trade, and helping people purchase what they want, everything is fine, but what does the business model contribute to you? Well, chances are that this question might be around your head!

Here are how you can generate revenue through this business model;

  • Commissions – Just like every other eCommerce app, you can generate revenue through commissions for every sale happening through the platform.
  • Shipping fee – To deliver products to the buyers, you can utilize private logistic firms. So, to ship a product to a buyer, you can charge them a shipping fee based on distance!
  • Featured listings – Leverage Meesho clone script and witness the algorithm places the sellers’ profile on top of search to enhance their visibility. In this way, you can charge the sellers some money.

Yes, of course, it’s important to generate revenue through your app-based business but not at the cost of clumsiness in the app. So, how to develop a user-friendly app like Meesho? Read on…!

Features – Meesho clone app script

Reselling apps have many advantages, one of which is, letting the users become resellers and earn considerable money. However, this can’t be possible without valuable features that make shopping effortless!

And, yes, there are numerous reselling app scripts available in the market. So, while choosing your Meesho clone script, make sure the script has all the following features.

  • Browse – Let the buyers search for the products based on price range, category, new arrivals, etc.
  • Social sharing – Deploy multiple social plug-ins and let the buyers share products of their wish with their friends and families to elicit their opinions. And, if a buyer prefers, he/she can turn into a reseller!
  • Product reselling – Turn a buyer into a reseller with this feature/option and make him/her earn from wherever they are with zero investment!
  • Daily deals – Include exciting offers and discounts on the products daily to enhance user retention rates.
  • Flexible payments – Let the buyers pay for the purchases through payment mode of their preference – Net banking or Cash-on-delivery (COD) or online payments.

Wrapping up

Creating a reselling platform through the Meesho clone app is like catering both to the SMEs and the consumers. However, it’s important to identify your target audience, and what’s more important is, bringing in the sellers with products suitable for your target audience.

To get a free quote on the development cost of the Meesho clone app, contact us!

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