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Maxim clone

How to Jump-Start your Services Business with Maxim clone?

Maxim clone – Small business owners are constantly on the move, whether they’re at a conference or meeting, a networking event or a speaking engagement, on a construction site, working from home, or at the office. Small company mobile apps can help you stay organized and on top of things while also increasing efficiency.

Taking a cue from Maxim clone, we enlist certain features that must be beneficial for your business. Let’s dig in!

Why Maxim clone is unique?

Maxim is a multi-services company based in Russia that offers a variety of on-demand services. Ride-hailing and freight transportation services were first offered by the company in 2003. Currently, the company provides ride-hailing, freight transportation, roadside assistance, and delivery, among other services.

Apart from that, the company employs female drivers. If a passenger prefers a female driver, the “women” option is available.


Analytics can help you track downloads, user experience, and retention for your mobile app. Make sure you’re using free and paid versions of internet tools like Flurry and Localytics.

Feedback Management

The first set of data on user usage and behavior will help you tweak and improve the Maxim clone app before it goes live on the app store. Maintain an eye on consumer reviews and keep building as you continue to hunt for improvements and upgrades.

Freedom to Improvise

You created the first edition with simply the main offering and the bare minimum of features. It’s now time to evaluate and implement the remaining features that weren’t included in the initial release. Based on stats and reviews, you’ll be able to assess if the features are still relevant.

Multi-niche Compatibility

Hairstyling, electricians, plumbing, and many other services are now available at the touch of a button through our smartphones. The requirements have been identified by industry experts. Additionally, they are all attempting to close the gap between the buyer and the vendor.

Decisive Features of Maxim clone

Profile management

Users can create and manage accounts using their email addresses, mobile phone numbers, or social media profiles.

Service providers can use their email, mobile phones, or social media profiles to register, sign up, and log in to their accounts.

Service scheduling

Users can request various services featured on Maxim clone upon logging in. Users have the option of using the service right away or scheduling it for later. They can choose the date and time when they want to use the services.

Fare Estimation

The fare of the ride will be displayed automatically on the app for ride-hailing services. The fare will be determined by the distance between the origin and destination, as well as traffic, peak hours, and other factors. Users can see the fare and decide whether or not to accept the journey.

Save our Souls (SOS) button


Users can utilize the panic button in the Maxim clone app to contact the admin staff, their own family members, and emergency helplines in the event of an emergency, an accident, or an extreme condition.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is set up in such a way that it may go to different sections for managing service providers and consumers. With the help of the web app, the admin may manage the clients, their cancellation charges, discounts, promotional codes, and so on.

How much does it cost to build a Maxim clone app?

The answer to this question is contingent on how you intend to develop your platform. If you build it from the ground up, it will cost more than a solution made up of pre-built parts, each with its own defined price. However, not only will you save money, but you will also save time because the development team will not have to spend time.

  • Each feature necessitates a particular number of hours of labor from specific specialists, and the price of Maxim-like app creation is based on the modules that will be used to construct your app.

You can’t go wrong with an app that meets routine client needs in transportation, delivery, or basic maintenance work, regardless of how it’s designed.

Wrapping Up – Maxim clone

We had a brief discussion on the Maxim clone and what it can bring to your business.

This is what it is. You have to be a bit careful while choosing your technology partner.

If you think we could be your reliable partner, get in touch with our technical team right now!

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