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Makaan clone

Outsmart your competitors with an avant-garde Makaan clone

The real estate market is alive, well, and fiercely competitive. The nation that real estate is shaky (due to the ongoing pandemic) is unsubstantiated. On the contrary, multiple reports from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) state that the United States is witnessing supply shortages due to the unprecedented pandemic-fueled demand. Do you wonder what Makaan clone could do here?

We see many people in the real estate community asking about ideas to defy (or) overcome competition. If you’re one among them, then this article is ideal for people (like you).

Let’s get started.

What accounts for a competitive real estate market? – Makaan clone

As a real estate business owner, it’s important to ascertain the competition in your target market. Having an in-depth understanding of the local market allows you to perceive difficulties on-course to the business journey.

Below are some indications that you’re plying your trade-in an aggressive real estate market.

Supply shortage

When there are relatively few homes for sale, it is one of the most evident symptoms of a competitive real estate market. Let’s take the market absorption rate, for reference, which indicates the (average) time taken to sell a property/home in a market.

Offer-centric market

In a competitive real estate market, it is mandatory for a seller to provide captivating offers for their customers. While cash offers may suggest a competitive real estate market, that doesn’t imply you can’t buy a home in a competitive market if you’re using financing.

Quick sales

Another revealing indication of a competitive real estate market is the speed with which sales are completed. The average days on market are a fantastic predictor of whether or not the local market is competitive. A buyer’s agent can evaluate if the average days on market differ from what it would be in a balanced or buyers market by looking at trends from the previous months and possibly years.

Why choose the Makaan clone?

Initially launched as a website, is an Indian real estate portal (website/application) that allows users to navigate through multiple properties across the nation. You can totally convert your Ticketing Operations with our Makaan clone script, which includes a custom-built you need, a Customer App, and a robust Admin panel to run the business.

Hassle-free property listings

The Makaan-like app allows you to list the properties instantly with proper descriptions. Moreover, the mobile application helps sellers choose adjectives wisely so that the description doesn’t look too persuasive. And, they can highlight their property’s one-of-a-kind features that end up captivating for the potential buyers.


Nothing beats the principle of tailoring services to the needs of the customers. It is critical to discover the individual variances among clients so that you may offer a variety of services that will meet their specific demands. Keeping this in mind, you can launch a Makaan clone that will connect with customers and address all of their real estate problems.

Attribute management

The user can assign attributes to each property type and prioritize them. These qualities can be designated as elements to be examined when comparing properties and they can also be used as a search filter. From a single dashboard, the administrator may handle the overall operations such as Category Management, Menu management, User administration, and so on.

Pioneering features of Makaan clone script

Seller score

The app algorithm rates the sellers impartially to give users credible and quality properties. This feature helps first-time property buyers when deciding to buy their dream home!

Interactive smart map

With this feature, buyers (users) can virtualize the properties to know how they look like. Moreover, it also helps in neighborhood analysis and locates the nearby amenities (with precision!).

Admin panel

The business owner (admin) has all the privileges with the Makaan clone like monitoring users, sellers, real estate agents, and much more. Also, the admin reserves all the rights to add or remove any property at any time.

Resources section

If a first-time buyer is coming to the platform, the resources section will be helpful. The buyer (user) can access articles and other long-form content in the section to make well-informed buying decisions.

Advertisement (Ad) spaces

The built-in ad spaces allow the business owners to showcase video advertisements on their platforms and make money (by doing so). Advertisements can be placed in these sections by the administrator. All adverts will subsequently be displayed to the general public/users who visit your website.

Why don’t you act now? – Makaan clone

Remember that, whether or not your target market is competitive, it’s nigh time that you invest in a technology like Makaan clone.

If you’re new to this sector, schedule a free live demo today to see how the Makaan clone functions.

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