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Aggregate your region’s commuting needs by using Lyft clone

Commuting in metropolitan cities has gotten worse over the last two decades, as the population increases and more people travel towards the city for work. Over the past 20 years, transportation systems like Metro rail, Monorail have come up but still, the commuting needs of cities and suburbs haven’t been fulfilled completely. That’s where taxi-booking apps like Lyft clone come in as a saving grace for commuters with time-constraints.

How on-demand taxis could help the commuters? – Lyft Clone

Subway commuting – an important transportation system in many cities across the world. The name varies according to the regions – New Yorkers call it Subway system while Londoners call it underground system. Well, the national average for Subway commuting is 47 minutes while underground commuting is 41 minutes. However, by hiring on-demand taxis, the average time for commuting to work is well short of 40 minutes (across the nations).

Here’s how;

  • Commuting by taxi comes with a great degree of convenience – Taxi-booking within a few taps on smartphones.
  • Moreover, it guarantees a seat for the rider – neglecting the need to stand in the aisles of a subway train.
  • If the rider is a coveted employee, he/she can make use of riding time by utilizing in-built Wi-Fi.
  • With built-in technology, the taxi-booking apps are capable of establishing an alternate route amidst traffic.

Even though some governments try their best to encourage car-free commuting, the majority of people prefer on-demand taxis as it makes their commuting a lot easier than public transportation.

Why Lyft clone for your taxi business?

Yes, the commute to work has been made easy by taxis; however, running the traditional taxi business won’t make sense anymore. That’s because of the introduction of the Uber clone in the taxi industry, which rejuvenated the whole business model. Since then, it helped people hire taxis in a jiffy, just through a few clicks on a dedicated booking application. Acknowledging the potential, more and more number of taxi-booking apps has come into the industry over the last five years. One such app is Lyft clone, which helps you aggregate commuting demand in your region and serve accordingly!

Here are the reasons why launching a taxi startup with Lyft clone makes sense;

  • The app clone comes with an algorithm that matches the commuters with taxi drivers in seconds.
  • It lets commuters choose the route – either a direct route or a short cut route to reach their work location.
  • If commuters get stuck in a night-shift job, they can take a Lyft clone taxi and reach their office anytime.
  • Since it’s an aggregator business model, you get separate applications – one for the taxi drivers, one for the commuters, and a web panel for you (the app owner).

Most importantly its advanced tech stack has umpteen numbers of things to offer for your business – help building brand awareness, generate customer loyalty, and so on.

Notable features of Lyft clone script

Developing a Lyft clone app is inexpensive than developing a taxi-booking app from scratch. Before developing a Lyft clone, choosing an ideal Lyft clone script is vital.

We have a clone script that offers these exciting features;

Service radius:

Running a taxi business is easy with Lyft clone; that’s because, with built-in geofencing technology, you can limit your fleets’ service area.

Prohibiting the service area will elicit an alarm on the admin panel to help you caution the particular driver.

Multi-lingual support:

To ensure equal facilities for our clients from every demographic, we have customized our Uber clone script to include any language of clients’ choice to help them establish a taxi startup in their region.

Ride scheduling:

This feature enables the commuters to schedule rides whenever they want. Say, for instance, a commuter is leaving his/her office by evening 6’o clock. By using our Lyft clone app, the commuter can pre-book the ride even four or five hours before the preferable ride time. In this way, they can avoid facing no-slots during peak times.


Lyft clone app also encompasses some other features like Real-time tracking, Push notifications, Multiple Payment options, In-app navigation, Availability toggle, and many more.

Apart from these, you can also include some features by leveraging our Lyft clone script. Coming up with unique features is essential for taxi startups to get a competitive edge over others.

So, what’s next? – Lyft Clone

We hope, by now, you would have understood the potential of taxi-booking apps in commuting. If you live in a metropolitan area or a suburb, you would have already been accustomed to what we have said.

If you would like to have a glimpse at our Lyft clone app, contact us for a free live demo.

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