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LoopNet clone

Become a digital realtor with an affordable LoopNet clone

Since the pandemic has come in, (existing) realtors who clung to manual processes were forced with no other option than to implement digital workflows. However, implementing those isn’t easy as it requires a fully functional mobile app, training to the staff (if there is any), formulating the new remote workflows, and much more. On the other hand, there isn’t much the (first-time) entrepreneurs need to bother about other than developing a fully functional mobile app. In this article, we’ll discuss the significance of the LoopNet clone, its features, and much more.

Let’s dig in.

Digital Realtor – LoopNet clone – About

A digital realtor acts as an online agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land. Either through a website or application, they list and advertise the property of interest for the buyers/renters. He/she (digital realtor) facilitates the sale between the buyer and seller with technology-driven workflows. 

In-depth locality knowledge, current real estate market knowledge, and regional housing laws are what a digital realtor should know. As most digital realtors do not have in-office settings, they base their business model on robust mobile applications.

If you’re an entrepreneur reading this blog, you might have an idea of launching an app-based business.

Why Choose clone for becoming a digital realtor?

LoopNet is an American online marketplace of various commercial listings for sale and rent. The primary principle of LoopNet: connecting the sellers (house owners) with the buyers via a website and mobile application. 

So, for wanna-be digital realtors like you, this question begs an answer: Is the LoopNet clone script worth our investment?

  • Automated listings.  It allows the sellers to list their properties with just a few clicks. LoopNet clone’s automated listings will show you as tech-savvy and help drive more leads to your business.
  • Intuitive search algorithm.  For those searching for information, the LoopNet clone gives a strong conviction with high-def photos, listing details, and neighborhood videos.
  • Affordable app solution.  Developing an app like LoopNet is less expensive than building from scratch. For those entrepreneurs with budget constraints, the LoopNet clone is an affordable yet quality choice.
  • Endless customizations.  Upon procuring a white-label LoopNet clone, you can customize the icon, background, and content whenever you want without anyone’s help.

Alright, those are four reasons entrepreneurs (like “You”) are going to flourish with a platform like LoopNet clone. Does that mean you should invest in this straight away? 

Our answer to that question is a resounding no.

Let us give more convincing reasons to invest in a LoopNet-like app!

Crucial Features of LoopNet clone

Becoming a digital realtor relies a lot on gaining contacts with property owners in and your region. That’s because there are numerous real estate agents (both physically and digitally) out there which property owners might be interested in. For this reason, the LoopNet clone’s networking potential might help you stay one of their top three.

Here are some of the features that help you stay afloat in the competitive real estate market:

Search Filters:

A search filter is a specific attribute of any mobile application that allows the users to refine the product listing page. Likewise, the LoopNet clone comes with various filters like Space use, Price range, and building or space size to zero in on the property listings.

Utilizing these search filters, the customers (buyers) can scrutinize properties based on their requirements.

In-depth information:

If a user likes a particular property and clicks it, he/she can have a detailed look at the property’s price, photos, overview, facts, and more.

Apart from that, they can have an in-depth look at the nearby available amenities like restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Multiple glimpses at all this information might help the buyers in decision-making.

Listing alerts:

Take a user named Adam for reference; he likes a property, but only to witness it bought by some other buyer. This is where the LoopNet clone script allows Adam to mark the property as a “Favorite” to get instant alerts when a similar kind of property hits the market.

Through this feature, you can provide equal opportunity for all the buyers in search of an alluring property.

Advanced features (optional):

Apart from the common features, you can modify the LoopNet clone script to add more features. One such feature is the use of Augmented and Virtual reality (AR & VR). It helps the renters/buyers in visualizing their favorite properties and plays a significant role in decision-making.  Also read Real estate clone script

Moreover, the virtual tours around the property eliminate the need to visit the property in person.

What should I do now?

In a usually unstable real estate market, taking a digital route with the LoopNet clone will be the safest of bets.

If you’re planning to become a digital realtor, you might as well add GoAppX to your list of well-wishers. To find out more about us, check our web page or contact us at any time.

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