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Live streaming clone app

Brief reasons why your live streaming business needs a Periscope clone app

The best thing about a mobile device is Applications. It has created a circle with several options for entertainment and relaxation.

I bet the mobile apps have turned out your life smoother than ever before, aren’t they?

In this post, let’s discuss how you can leverage the periscope clone app for your live streaming business.

Periscope is one of the leaders in the video streaming and entertainment industry. It allows its users to go live and stream their videos straight away from their smart phones.

Aside from broadcasting the live video, users can also view and enjoy other fellow users’ live videos. The video streaming business is one of the competitive niches, yet there is a demand for the periscope clone app.

Let’s dive into the topic;

How Periscope clone (live streaming clone app) stands out in the market

As we have already experienced multiple mobile applications;

You might question what is so tempting about these live-streaming apps?

  • Live streaming apps enable the users to broadcast their videos on a platform for other users to watch their videos.
  • A Periscope map is a feature that makes the app stands out from the crowd. You can see how many people are streaming and from where they are streaming.
  • Periscope clone app will notify your followers to join in as quickly as you start live-streaming.
  • Once your live stream is over, users can watch it anytime they want for the next 24 hours.

Start your Live streaming business using a Periscope clone app.

The live streaming business is one of the most successful business spheres considering its success.

So why not jump into the trend? Your hands are not tied!

Live streaming helps attract more awareness from customers since live broadcasting is better understood and considered. Customers get more involved when they see your product explanation in real-time.

It increases the credibility of your organization among your audiences. Customers are likely to get more valuable and more vivid content that is more engaging than your social media handles.

In a Nutshell – Live streaming clone app

Developing or launching a live streaming clone app like Periscope isn’t a walk in the park!

A lot of things in the air, for real!!

A readymade & scalable periscope clone solution will be the ideal choice to develop a complete live streaming platform. Our top-level Periscope clone script- Easy Live, makes everything easy for you.

Get your periscope clone app launched with us!! Book a free demo with us now!!

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