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Limebike clone

Bolster Your E-scooter Business with the LimeBike Clone App

The 3-minute Guide to Developing a LimeBike Clone App

You may be planning to start an E-scooter rental business in your region, but you likely don’t know where to start. If you’re serious about it, you need to have a mobile application and investment. E-scooter App Development is an active process that requires your involvement from day one. We actively avoid the monotonous approach in this guide. Instead, we take the LimeBike clone App (for reference) to keep yourself on track.

Let’s get started.

First, what is LimeBike Clone App?

If you wonder what the LimeBike app is? It is nothing but a San Francisco-based transportation company that involves in E-scooter rentals too. It aggregates the demand with a mobile application and facilitates customer’s requests.

Over the last three years, not only does the E-scooter usage boom but also an app like Lime (formerly LimeBike). When new-gen entrepreneurs plan to enter this sector, there aren’t many well-known players available other than Lime and Bird.

To bolster entrepreneurial aspirations, the customizable LimeBike clone renders technological advancements (like the original!). Next, you’ll need to start considering certain things before kick-starting the development process.

Before you dive in,
Ensure Your Region’s Infrastructure

Not every region is suitable for the use of E-scooters as it might be suffering due to illegal occupiers. Take San Francisco, for instance, where there will be no issues like roadside or footpath congestion, etc.

In some regions, governing bodies permit the use of electric scooters with some guidelines. As the business owner, you must ensure that your business meets those parameters time and time again.

Assess your Risk Tolerance

None can guarantee the stability of any business market as it is subject to fluctuations. What holds the key is the business owner’s ability to withstand those ups and downs.

While referring to the E-scooter sector, you might witness good demand (at the start); however, it is subject to variations (like any other).

Here is where the LimeBike clone app steps in with additional revenue streams that will stabilize your business. With built-in Ad spaces, you can generate revenue through brand advertisements.

Know What to Include in Your Website/App

Deciding on developing an E-scooter app isn’t just enough! You need to figure out what your app should contain and what not. The more comprehensive and precise your pre-plan is, the better.

Here are some must-haves in your Escooter application:

  • High-quality Fleet Pictures: Regardless of whether you own a fleet of E-scooters or not, ensure that your application has authentic and high-quality pictures of the vehicles. It might help you persuade customers (riders) to your business.
  • Social Plug-ins: Integrating your Website/App with social Plug-ins will amplify your brand. Social media platforms are vital in driving traffic to your site and enhancing search engine rankings.
  • QR code scanner: An E-scooter app is incomplete without this feature! You must include this feature to let the users unlock their favorite E-scooter with this technology.

Finding an application with all these features may be difficult and time-consuming for you. If you ask us a suggestion, we don’t look anything beyond the LimeBike clone.

Noteworthy Features of the LimeBike Clone App

Maps Integration

This feature helps the users (riders) to locate the nearby scooter and nearby charging station. If it is Google Maps API for Android, the MapKit Framework is for the LimeBike clone app (iOS).

Ride Stats

It allows both the business owners & users to keep track of travel statistics and data. In any dispute, both parties may rely on these digital records. An app like LimeBike provides better efficiency in route suggestions.

Chat Option

This feature helps the admin (business owner) to respond to any customer queries. When you’re away, you can nominate a sub-admin to communicate with the customers.

Endless Customizations

Even though you build a clone app solution, you must know how to differentiate your application from others. That’s where customization comes into play! Customize your E-scooter app in a way that suits your business goals, objectives, and so on.

Secure Payment Gateways

In-app payment options are a must in your E-scooter app. Also, safeguarding the user’s payment information is vital! Leverage the LimeBike clone to include well-known gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Wondering, what’s next? – LimeBike clone

Now that you’ve come this far, the next step will be to initiate the E-scooter App Development process.

Before you dive in, we would always suggest you have a plan-B in your business.

If you decide to implement it straight away, we have a plan-B in the form of a Nextbike clone!

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