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LeCab clone

LeCab clone – Parlay LeCab Clone into Your Existing Taxi Venture

As much as Taxis have become a common choice among people, Smartphones have too. The significance of Smartphones is such that there is an application for almost every human need. One such need is transportation. We aren’t going to talk about public modes; rather, we will be mentioning the Taxis. In a highly competitive industry like Taxi, one can’t deny the significance of mobile applications. If you’re an existing Taxi business owner, this article is an ideal one for you. Let’s find out whether the LeCab clone will be apt for your first-time application, its features, and much more.

Why Should You Choose LeCab clone?

LeCab is a France-based on-demand taxi company, which has been giving hard times for Uber in the city of Lights. The company provides on-demand taxi service as well as rental car service too. Moreover, the Parisian company is one of the early adopters of the Peugeot 508 (French vehicle) in their fleet to give riders a comfortable experience.

Replicating LeCab’s business model will be worthwhile if you plan to take your taxi business online. Wonder why? Read this below:

Data Security

When it comes to a modern application, the users will be submitting a lot of their sensitive data like credit/debit card info, contact number, e-mail address, and much more. It is the duty of the developers to build an app in a way that safeguards information.

Likewise, while leveraging the LeCab clone app, it secures and safeguards necessary information.

White-label solution

Since you’re about to take your business online, choosing a white-label LeCab clone is advisable. Why because is, a white-label solution permits you to customize the product that someone else has developed.

GoAppX removes our logo and name from everywhere and customizes with the client’s company name and logo. While launching the application, it will be completely yours!

Supports Localization

Every business, including a few multi-national corporates, has started locally at first. Why because is, not many businesses possess the funds to start globally. As a result, some business confines their services to certain demographics.

As an entirely France-based company, LeCab also started small somewhere in the country. If a company like LeCab doesn’t support localization, we don’t know who will!


The response time of the LeCab clone is quick such that it accommodates booking requests within a few seconds. Imagine if the application doesn’t respond well while a user booking the ride, he/she will lose the temper and will quit the application. Not many business owners would want a scenario like that and we guess you wouldn’t too!

However, with the help of the LeCab-like app, the users can accomplish hassle-free rides along their journey.

Key Features of LeCab Clone

Schedule Ride

The rider can either order a cab right now or schedule a journey later. This is an option in our system, and users may do it with a few clicks. This will enable them to make their plan work and cut down on the amount of time they have to wait on their big day.

Precise Estimations

Customers will be able to check the precise trip pricing via the taxi app while taking a routine journey or during peak hours. This will be quite correct on the LeCab clone app, and if the rider accepts it, there will be no adjustments.

Panic Button

By thinking about your customer’s safety SOS button, you may alert your family and friends if you are in danger or suspect you are in trouble. This function allows the rider to prioritize your service and ensure that they are always safe.

Multiple Payment Options

Riders may use the LeCab clone app to pay using a debit/credit card, cash, or other online payment methods. They may select the best payment method for them from the list using this multi-payment option.

In-App Chat

Your riders may use the in-app chat option to communicate with cab drivers or customer service representatives about any issues or questions they may have. This feature will enhance the relationship between your business and the riders.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you would have (by now) come to know the significance of a mobile application for your taxi business. If you’re reluctant to admit and act immediately, you will be lagging. Also find us with Uber clone here

If you wish to act instantly and get a readymade LeCab clone, contact us at any time.

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