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Live streaming app clone

Launch your own live streaming app

In the age when technology is bringing enticing advancements every passing day, early adopters could be the biggest beneficiaries! Being in your comfort zone, and avoiding risks can save your investments, however, you might lose out on exploring new ways to expand your business.
If you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey, investing in an online live streaming app could make sense since there is a huge demand for consuming live video content.

What does a live streaming app bring to the table?

An online live video streaming app proves ideal for diverse business models: one who sees it as a marketing tool while another who sees it as an entrepreneurial opportunity!
Video content has an amazing capability to grasp people’s attention, for this reason, marketers use it regularly. According to Wyzowl – an animated video production company, the use of video content among marketers went from 60% in 2016 to 85% in 2020. The rise in usage is associated with a common belief among marketers that video content yields desired results. The majority of the marketers say they use live video streaming for explaining a product/service, to drive traffic to their websites, and most importantly lead generation.
On the other hand, the entrepreneurs can capitalize on the live streaming craze among people, particularly more among the Gen Zers. It’s like turning your app into a business model and driving the users to download and use your app. Take Twitch – an Amazon-owned live streaming service, for instance, this service amasses huge broadcasters and viewers per month. However, it is aimed at gamers, not the marketers, or for some other niches!
Either it is for marketing campaigns or to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity, the need for a personalized live streaming app is increasing nowadays. That’s where the Periscope clone comes in as an ideal option.

What’s the take away factors from an app like Periscope?

Well, there are many benefits of using an app like Periscope, however, stabilizing its core functionality – live streaming is what we see the best in this! Moreover, by leveraging geo-location technology, the Periscope offers its users the location-based content. Likewise, while developing your app, make sure you leverage technology for the better and offer a flawless live streaming experience to the users.
It’s not that the developers of Periscope have indexed all the advanced features right from the beginning, instead, they did it as days progressed! Likewise, you need to just concentrate on your app’s core functionality at the start, and then work on how can you improve it.
Last but not least, develop a scalable product that can withstand changes at regular intervals. Take the Periscope app, for instance, it has never crashed big as it contains simple, and elegant UI design.

In a nutshell

It seems like developing a Periscope clone app is not an investment for namesake, but an investment that can yield results in the long run. The good thing about Periscope is, it is good at what it offers – that is the live streaming.
Even though you derive inspiration from an app like Periscope, you still have to put in your ideas and make it stand out from the rest. For that though, choosing an ideal live streaming clone script is mandatory!
Can’t wait to be at the helm of your Bigo live clone app? Contact us right now.

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