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instacart clone

Start. Aggregate. And deliver groceries with the Instacart clone

Groceries encompass some of the essentials for human beings – Vegetables, Toothpaste, Soap, Energy drink, and so on. We are living in a digital age, where everything from clothes to furniture and groceries to cooked food can be availed at the doorstep. Gone are the days when people were buying groceries only from brick-and-mortar stores but now, online grocery shopping is accomplishing the majority of the needs. Technology is like a double-sided tape, providing equal opportunities to consumers as well as entrepreneurs. Let us share the entrepreneurial opportunities in the grocery market, the tech-driven Instacart clone (its features), and so on.

The paradigm shift in grocery shopping – Instacart clone

Grocery shopping is one of the important activities of a family. On the weekends, many families would go on shopping, chill out at restaurants & would love to get back home by late at night. But now, due to the fast-paced life, the regular shopping during weekends has become once in a month kind of thing! However, it doesn’t mean these families aren’t cooking or aren’t having a beer/energy drink. You might wonder how it is possible!

Courtesy of on-demand grocery delivery, the shopping behavior has changed a lot over the past five years. According to GlobalData consumer research,

  • 2012 – 14% of consumers have shopped Groceries online.
  • 2016 – 22% of consumers prefer online grocery shopping.
  • 2020 – Almost 40% of consumers prefer online groceries (per year).

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, online grocery shopping is already increasing and the consumer base is expected to reach 60% by 2022.

The reason is the capability of online stores to deliver groceries at consumers’ doorsteps. Moreover, with the inclusion of offers, discounts, & loyalty cards, consumers consider online grocery shopping a convenient and profitable one!

Why Instacart clone for your grocery business?

Effective marketing tool:

Marketing is important for any business, let it be brick-and-mortar or online platform. Since we’re discussing the online platform, you can’t get an effective marketing tool than Instacart clone to publicize your business.

With this clone app, you can leverage strategies like social media marketing, App store optimization, email marketing, and push notification marketing to vocalize your brand’s offerings.


Analyzing the market and identifying the demand is vital before starting an online business. Deciding on the target market, partnering with local grocery stores depend on you. However, once finalizing all those, the Instacart clone is highly scalable that regardless of the size of the market, it can adapt!

Moreover, there are standalone apps for delivery, inventory, and consumer management in the market. But an app like Easy Picker would combine all these standalone offerings into an all-in-one platform.

Managing delivery windows:

Accomplishing consumers’ needs against the high-demand delivery windows is going to be challenging for you (as an eGrocer). With the in-built routing systems, the Instacart clone script might play a big role in managing in-time grocery delivery along with minimal fuel costs.

A lot of eGrocers have encountered this challenge during this pandemic; however, the route optimization technology helped them manage somehow!

How to choose an Instacart clone script?

Instacart is an American grocery delivery and pick-up service launched in 2012. Regarding the grocery circuit, this American platform has developed into one of the frontrunners. Apart from that, it has also opened up business opportunities for entrepreneurs in various demographics worldwide. Even though there are numerous clone scripts available over the Internet, here’s how to choose a perfect Instacart clone script for your grocery business.

  • Customizability – Look out for a customizable clone script that lets you alter the source code according to your business objectives.
  • Effortless shopping – Most clone scripts come with a Live demo option. So, analyze the app and ensure whether it comes with easy shopping options, and so on.
  • Delivery tracking – It ensures the consumers track their orders’ real-time location. This feature is an X-factor for any delivery-based business!
  • Search filters – Let the consumers browse items through various filters like price range, categories, grocery stores, and so on.

The Final Thoughts

Starting an online business has become easy in this technological era. Likewise, launching an online grocery business is simplified by Instacart clone that lies on course with current market trends.

So, if you think we could help you in one way or another, feel free to contact us!

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