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Hungerstation clone

Hungerstation Clone for a Multi-Delivery Business

We all prefer to own a business, don’t we? Not one or two or three; there are numerous niches where you can play your trade. However, none has risen to prominence in the past two years as On-demand delivery did. According to Statista, the demand for food/grocery deliveries has tripled ever since the pandemic came in. Let’s talk about multi-delivery – a term commonly used in the on-demand community to indicate businesses delivering more than two items. This blog covers how the Hungerstation clone will be a go-to platform for your multi-delivery venture.

Include various verticals in the Hungerstation clone

As technology progresses, the on-demand market is changing the game with its tremendous growth. As a business owner, maintaining an online presence is the best way to engage your target audience.

Wondering what the term On-demand delivery implies? It’s nothing but the doorstep delivery of any essential ordered through an application/website.

With the Hungerstation clone app, you can add the following delivery verticals to your business ranks:

Food Delivery

During the start, online food ordering & delivery was used to be a leisure time service. But now, it has become an inseparable part of almost everyone’s lives. If your region is devoid of an on-time Food delivery company, you can straight away consider this option.

The food delivery vertical is one of the primary contributors to the multi-delivery applications. Take Dunzo (Indian app), for instance, which witnesses a regular spike in food delivery orders across the nation.

Grocery Delivery

People have been using grocery delivery apps in large numbers since the pandemic outbreak, much like they have been using food delivery apps. Users won’t need to use a separate app to buy groceries if you add a grocery delivery service.

Acknowledge the significance of groceries and include the same-day delivery service in your app, like how Instacart clone does.

Medicine Delivery

Make it simple for consumers to buy medications through your app. Partner with pharmacies to ensure that users have access to all of the medications they require. It would be extremely beneficial to the elderly.

Moreover, you can also ensure brick-and-mortar Pharmacies digitize their operations to cut costs.

Other Verticals

Apart from these, you can include services like Alcohol delivery, Meat delivery, Bottled Water delivery, and much more. To be precise, the Hungerstation clone lets you add as many as 50 delivery services to your business.

Including many services allows you to maximize the returns (as possible!). Another advantage is that you can address the needs of various consumer communities in your region.

Revenue Streams in the Hungerstation Clone App

Will I be able to generate revenue with this app? – It must be the question pondering in your mind.

With the Hungerstation clone app, you can;

  • Charge fixed commissions on each order in the platform. As a demand aggregator, you can change the commission percentage when order intensity increases.
  • Generate revenue through In-app advertisements that serve as a bellwether of other brands.
  • Receive money from Pro/Premium subscriptions, which promise discounts, free delivery, etc.
  • Charge money for listing restaurants or grocery stores under the “Featured/Recommended” section to ward off interest from the first-timers.

It doesn’t stop here! With a customizable clone solution, you can include even more revenue streams if you wish.

Features of the Hungerstation clone

Offers Page

Wondering on the ways to entice your users? This feature lets you deploy attractive discounts, coupons, and rewards to attract users to the application.

Ordering Website

To appease Desktop users, we integrate an extra ordering platform in the form of a website. This website replicates the Hungerstation clone and comes with a user-friendly Checkout page.

Add to Cart

Regardless of what you order, you can add the item to the “Cart” and order it later. As a result, the app algorithm saves the item for at least 48 hours and notifies the users about it.

Real-time Insights

The real-time data of the Hungerstation clone assist in analyzing and maintaining inventory and growth routes. It allows you to retain and manage data on transactions, delivery status, and client feedback from anywhere, even when not connected to the internet.

In a Nutshell – Hungerstation clone

The sole purpose of any business is to generate revenue! We don’t think a single delivery business would promise you that. However, a multi-delivery business can widen your revenue streams.

Running a multi-delivery business can be complex. That’s where Hungerstation clone can help you!

If you want us to be the impetus of your entrepreneurial journey, drop us a line right now.

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