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Broadcast HD live video from your mobile device with our Periscope Live Clone

Gone are the days when creating a live video was used to be a complex process because the options were limited! But now you could see almost every major tech company has its self-built solution for live streaming: Twitter’s Periscope, Amazon’s Twitch, Facebook, Instagram Live, etc. Adding perspective to that, multiple reports saying that live video streaming accounts for almost 75% of the total Internet traffic!

In this article, you can get to know about how to broadcast a high-definition (HD) live video from your mobile using our live streaming clone script!

What exactly is High-definition (HD) video?

First and foremost is, the high-definition (HD) video is of a higher quality and resolution than standard-definition (SD) video. Looking from the technical front, a video image is considered high-definition if it has 480 television lines (Globally accepted).

(P.S: Television lines are horizontal resolution power of an analog camera)

In online live-streaming apps, both the prerecorded and live broadcast in HD is defined by the following factors;

  • If the horizontal resolution stays around 480, the vertical resolution could be 720 television lines for HD live streaming
  • The number of frames or fields per second
  • Higher the number of pixel lines, richer the quality of the live stream, and more detailed images on the screen.

How to broadcast HD live stream from your mobile?

Smartphones at the pocket mean you always have a smart video capturing device at hand! Broadcasting a normal video is fine but what about a high-definition (HD) video?

Here are some tips to broadcast HD live video from your mobile device;

1) Stabilize your mobile device

Well, if you use live streaming for business, your target audience won’t prefer unsteady video. To rectify that, position your mobile device onto a stand or tripod! While stabilizing with a gimble, keep phones in a horizontal position to make use of “widescreen”.

2) Lighting

It is inevitable for any use: either it can be live streaming for business, live streaming for musicians, live streaming for online classes, etc. Well, we don’t say it “The must”, but when done right, it can enhance the quality of the live broadcast.

It’s advisable to purchase ring lights if you can or else position yourself near a window to make use of natural light!

3) Sound

Well, it’s one of the most important for any live broadcast and one of the most challenging too! Wherever it can be, you can’t have control over environmental noises. However, an external microphone can help a bit to arrest those noises! What if you can’t purchase an external microphone? Well, try to position your smartphone close to you.

4) Internet connection

Not only a poor Internet connection will spoil your broadcast, but it will also result in bad viewer experience. Well, before you indulge in broadcasting, run a speed test to examine your Internet connection. Also, try having backup Internet sources like Wi-Fi or even a dedicated hotspot as well!

5) Enable DND

You could see the “Do Not Disturb” mode on both Android and iOS mobile devices. It disables calls and notifications on your mobile device thereby helping you to concentrate on the live broadcast.

6) Live streaming app

Last but not least, it’s not possible to broadcast a live video from your mobile device without an online live streaming app!

Even though there are numerous live streaming apps available in the market, our Periscope clone is special in a unique way. Wanna know how? Our live streaming clone script allows you to broadcast live videos within a few seconds. Moreover, while broadcasting, you can get to see the live comments of your viewers. Well, if you use live streaming for product promotions, you can get feedback about your product from the target audience.

Ready to broadcast HD live stream from your mobile? Get Bigo live clone in the form of Easy Live from us!

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