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How this global lockdown has benefited live streaming mobile applications?

As a few of the world nations starting to show signs of recovery from its coronavirus lockdown period, live streaming options have emerged on a wide variety of platforms. Many people have been inspired to live streams across the world. Moreover, live streaming apps help keep everyone sane at unprecedented times like these. Well, due to the COVID-19, some of the mobile apps have doomed while some others have flourished, the live streaming industry is a prime example of the latter!

How live streaming become vital now?

You can’t undervalue the importance of communication in this modern world. That’s where the online live streaming apps come in handy for those who couldn’t step out of their homes due to the lockdown. Not only for communication, but the live streaming platforms play a positive role in entertainment and education too!

  • It eradicates people’s fear of missing out! Businesses can use live-streaming apps that pay to generate revenue
  • Well, during this lockdown, a recent survey stated that people prefer to connect with live streams to combat the boredom! Businesses can leverage the live streams to reach out to their target audience
  • Since the majority of people wanted to be a part of live conversation, they hopped onto the live streaming apps.

Adding to all these, the value of online learning has been realized in situations like these. Without technology like live streaming, remote learning wouldn’t have been possible in this lockdown. Live streaming classroom gives students the opportunity to playback if they’ve missed the live session!

Live streaming statistics

When almost everyone from musicians to tutors to creators of every type is finding themselves at homes, the live streaming platforms have become important for people to connect with others.

1) According to Stream Hatchet, Twitch live streaming service is leading in both hours watched, and hours streamed

2) Every live streaming platform has experienced a significant increase in the number of hours watched from March to May 2020

3) The overall hours watched grew from 1.971 billion in April 2019 to 3.955 billion in April 2020.

Remember that, the live streaming industry has already started impressively in the Q1 of 2020. With this lockdown, it has only gained pace and none is stopping this!

5 benefits of live streaming

Well, yeah! Live streaming has gained huge traction and attention during this lockdown. But, if you ask, does this platform deserve it? Of course, yes! Let us say why in the following words;

1) Online live streaming apps allow you to engage with people who want something from your brand, also known as, target audience!

2) Act now if you wanna reach your target audience via live video! It’s not congested yet

3) Live streaming is accessible to anyone in just a few clicks on Periscope clone

4) You need not invest more time to produce live streaming content. It takes less time!

5) It helps businesses in real-time engagement with users. Apart from that, businesses can offer live support, Q&A sessions, etc.

How can you be a benefiter of live streaming?

The live streaming industry boasts business opportunities for product-based businesses as well as new entrepreneurs. Well, for businesses, they can interact with their target audience through live video broadcasting to publicize your product. On the other hand, with the perfect live streaming clone script, entrepreneurs can develop a Bigo clone app and generate revenue through it! These entrepreneurs can generate revenue by deploying the state-of-the-art live streaming app in Android and iOS platforms.

Before indulging in developing a Periscope clone, determine the must-have features in your app, and choose your monetization strategy. Since the usage of live-streaming apps is increasing, it’s the best time to develop yours and make the most of it!

Ready to launch your online live streaming app? Contact our development team for more info!

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