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Happn clone

Launch the most “Happn ing” App with Happn clone!

How to build an all-inclusive Happn clone?

Happn clone – Dating applications have become more than just the matchmaking platform, don’t they? Over the past five or six years, online dating has become a promising business model. And, the sector is likely to grow at a steady rate in the upcoming years (Source:

While Tinder dominate the dating app sector, the obvious question that arises here is
Is there any platform beyond Tinder? Well, there are many! One, of course, is the Happn clone.

Let’s dig in.

Does the Happn clone have region-specific Characteristics?

Of course, it does!

As the application’s tagline goes – Local Dating App, it helps the users find, make a match, and hook up with someone they’ve crossed paths with recently. Likewise, the Happn clone comes with look-alike characteristics that match like-minded people.

Rather than linking random people beyond boundaries (like Tinder), Happn clone leverages GPS to match people who passed each other (knowingly or unknowingly!).

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Happn clone for your dating startup:

Location-based System

Even though many dating apps have inducted this feature (later on), Happn seems to be the first player to build an app around this!

Imagine that you get on well with a Woman/Man during the weekend party only to see him/her vanish the next morning. You don’t know the name, contact number, and anything. What will you do now? With an app like Happn, reconnecting will be as easy as ABC.

  • It is a tool that uses your location to connect you with individuals who frequent the same places you do, such as your favorite bar, bookshop, gym, restaurant, and so on.

Real-life dating experience

We all have indulged in real-life dating one way or another, don’t we? Not many applications could give that real dating feel except Happn. With the Happn application, it’s almost like an imitation of real-life dating!

The location function on the Happn clone app is noteworthy because it has a strong viral loop. As more people use the app, the chances of you leaving your Parisian café, opening the app, seeing the person you’ve crossed paths with at the top of your feed, and starting a conversation increase dramatically.

Data Security

We’ve used a dating app at least once during this pandemic lockdown, don’t we? However, data security has become the major thing to worry about as online dating deals with sensitive user information. While talking about in-app security measures, Happn clone offers an “incognito mode”, where users can safeguard their profiles from making them visible to strangers.

To enhance security further, the Happn clone comes with a two-factor authentication system!

How to go about the Happn Clone App Development?

You may have a Happn-like idea or some other fresh idea; whatever it may be, creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the best way to test your dating app idea.

Before that, let’s analyze the must-have features in an MVP version of your dating app. Since we’re dealing with Happn here, we’ll enlist some of the basic features here:

Simple Sign-In

Try to include the Social Login feature in the full version of the app. However, in the basic version, you just need to have a mobile number or email ID registration method.

Profile Management

Allow the users to add/edit/remove any information (of them) in an easy manner. Also, arrange the profile information in a way that other users can read it easily!


It is the most typical feature of the Happn clone that connects people who just crossed roads. Integrate this feature to let the users know the USP of your dating app.

In-App Chats

Users will need a way to communicate with one another. Chats may satisfy their need to know their partners better and determine whether they meet their expectations.

Once you launch your MVP and obtain valuable feedback from the target audience, you might want to build on that! Then, you can launch a fully-featured Happn clone app.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Happn Clone?

Do I need to spend separately for the MVP version and Full version? – It must be the question pondering on your mind (probably!). Most App Development companies will have a readymade (basic version) app which you can launch to test your target market. Also, these companies charge you for everything from development to deployment as a whole.

While speaking about the overall cost, we can’t determine the exact one as it might vary according to various factors.

Just, in case,

  • The approximate cost for developing a Happn-like app would range somewhere between USD 8000 to 40,000.

Conclusion – Happn clone

We hope you have an overview of Happn clone with this blog. Without any further ado, you must start the development process. Also, concentrate on marketing strategies to publicize your dating app.

Unfortunately, you can’t do all of this alone! Remember that our team is always at your disposal!

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