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Handyman clone

Handyman clone: A one-stop solution for your multiservice business venture

Handyman clone : What if you could use an app to find a handyman to fix a leaking pipe or refurbish your kitchen?

Sounds so relaxing, right?

The Handyman app is the top choice among people, as it helps them avoid the rush and save money. We cannot simply ignore its significance.

And if you’re an entrepreneur looking to deliver these types of services to people’s doorstep, then the handyman clone app is your gold mine.

How does the handyman clone app works?

A person looking for the servicemen like electrical repair, plumbers, cleaners, painters can download and register themselves with the app.

After successful registration, the user can check for any intended service. They can pick the service based on their prices, reviews, availability, etc. The user has to wait until the service provider accepts the request.

Eventually, the service provider accepts the job and arrives at the customer’s doorstep at the right time. Before starting the work, the service provider onsets the timer, as the charges are hourly based.

Against the completion of the work, based on the hours, the final invoice is generated. By using the multiple online payment gateways in the app, you can complete the payment process.

Benefits of using an On-demand handyman clone app

  • The ease which you can get in the handymen app is unmatched. The app is packed with features that smoothens the entire process for the users.
  • The service providers will also have the bent of accepting the work as per their schedule and plan. There is no room for any bargaining discussions. Moreover, they can collect their payments in stipulated time either through an online mode or cash.
  • The app comes equipped with appropriate safety features for both the users and the service providers.

Essential features of the handyman clone app

Locating & Real-time Tracking

Users may not have much patience. They don’t prefer service providers who are far from them. Similarly, the service providers would not like to travel a long distance for work. Hence, this feature helps them to find each other’s location so that they can choose accordingly.

Real-time tracking allows the users to track the exact real-time location of the service providers.

Social Login & sharing

Enable your users to sign in with your app smoothly by including social media logins. Users can also share the handyman app feature in their social media handles.

Multimode payment options

Give your users the flexibility of paying through different online modes.

Incorporate some commonly following payment terms such as PayPal, Stripe, Credit/Debit card, etc.

Transparent pricing

Your mobile app must justify transparency with the users. No one wants to pay any extra unknown costs upon demand. The app must unveil all charges like service charges, travel charges, cancellation charges, and discounts, etc.

Developing a Handyman clone app for your business venture

At first, develop an MVP (Minimum viable product) version of your app. It is beneficial to assess your business prospects at a partial investment.

You can figure out the technologies you can leverage and what are all the features to be incorporated. After getting feedback from users, you can bring improvements to the app.

To build a handyman clone app adopting the right technology would be one of the crucial roles. Choosing the right technology helps you achieve your business goals.

Budget required to build a handyman clone app

The budget for an app development depends on multiple factors, such as;

  • Features and Functionality
  • Application platforms (IOS, Android, Web)
  • Added integrations
  • Design
  • App complexity

Summing up – Handyman clone

The on-demand handyman business has opened up numerous entrepreneurial opportunities. However, you can’t build an app like the handyman clone app overnight. Perform a bit of market research to understand your niche and contenders.

What to do after understanding your niche?

Well, book a free demo with our experts and have a glimpse of our handyman clone script.

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