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Handy clone

Handy Clone that Swiftly manages your Business from Afar

Are you witnessing difficulties in managing your services business in person? You have numerous options that let you manage it from a distance. One such option is the Handy clone that lets you serve your customers swiftly.

The home service economy sector has created numerous opportunities for both service providers and those in need. More entrepreneurs, mobile app developers, and other professionals are hoping to profit from the growing market for on-demand home services.

Let’s dig in.

Benefits of a Handy Clone

A virtual workplace appeals to consumers in two ways. For starters, a virtual office costs significantly less per month than a typical workplace. After all, it doesn’t require any maintenance or upkeep, and it doesn’t need to be staffed.

As a result, a small business may look to be larger than it is. It can also give users a physical address (or many addresses) where they can meet with clients. When a virtual office user’s address is a well-known area or street, it might convey a sense of status to the user. The same effect can be achieved by using a professional phone answering service.

Here is what the Handy clone app brings to your business:

Branding Opportunity – Handy clone

You can modify the theme of the entire solution with a fully customizable set of modules. With the usage of brand name and logo, it aids in the creation of your brand name and identification in the market.

Moreover, app like Handy helps in increasing the brand visibility with on-demand solutions. So, it’s time to start serving the customers with unlimited customization support.

Business Proficiency

The goal of the Handy clone is to give a great user experience and cross-border support. The best of the latest technology and experienced development efforts are combined in this handy app clone solution to provide a solid foundation for commercial success. By involving these facilities, it competes with leading service solutions.

Unique UI/UX

Designing is mandatory to create an app like Handy as it exhibits your brand values. Start with wireframing to design a distinctive and attractive UI/UX. This is due to the fact that it allows you to draw the app screens and includes a layout in the form of a sketch. Using a variety of tools, you can quickly iterate and generate multiple wireframes.

When you procure a Handy clone from a reputed App Development Company, you can relish all these!

Threefold process to Get Handy Clone App

1) Ideation

You can’t design a mobile app if you don’t plan ahead. You must first understand your market need from several angles. It becomes mandatory for you to follow a specific model/template. Take the Lean Canvas model, for instance, which allows you to follow a business model that is typical of Handy-like app.

2) Attributes

If you want your Handy clone to attract a maximum audience and build a long-term relationship, you must include these features:

  • Social Login for seamless and one-click Registration and sign-in process.
  • Multiple payment gateways for hassle-free, one-touch, and paperless transactions.
  • Push Notifications and In-app chat to enhance communication.
  • Schedule now or later to let the customers choose whatever the option (they want!).

3) Development to Deployment

The platforms on which you intend to deploy your app determine app development. Handy, for example, is accessible on both the Play Store and the App Store. You’ll need to engage an App Development Company to build platform-specific code if you want to make an app for iOS or Android devices.

Meanwhile, you must test your software at every level of development to ensure that it is secure and free of problems. However, before deploying the app, one final app test is required to ensure that it is fully configured.

What Should I do now? – Handy clone

Now that you know the ins and outs of Handy clone, it’s time to step into the development process.

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